emmanuel macron

Macron Denies Reports That Trump Threatened To Pull Out Of NATO

Defense | Will Racke
'Never at any moment'

Macron, Teachers Applaud 'No Kid Left Behind' Education Reforms

World | Grace Carr
'No kid is left behind'

Paris Is Putting Bulletproof Walls Around Eiffel Tower To Combat Potential Terrorist Attacks

World | Gabrielle Okun
Will act as a shield

France Surrenders -- Apologizes To Italy Over Immigration Criticism To Salvage Meeting

World | Hanna Bogorowski

Italy Demands Apology From Macron While Ripping Soros On Migrant Hypocrisy

World | Hanna Bogorowski
'Ships belonging to foreign organizations [...] cannot dictate Italy's immigration policy'

Italian Prime Minister Prepared To Cancel France Visit After Macron Denounced Italy For Refusing Migrants

World | Gabrielle Okun

Non-US G7 Members Try To Proclaim Summit Fiasco A Success

World | David Krayden
‘I think Canada did a great job at quite a difficult time.’

Trudeau Talks Trash Behind Trump's Back, But Gets Caught With His Eyebrows Down

World | Amber Athey

Macron Leaves Thumbprint On President Trump In G7 Handshake Showdown

World | Virginia Kruta
It was clearly visible.

President Trump Warms Up For G-7 By Serving Notice To Trudeau, Macron On Trade

World | Scott Morefield
Opening salvo...

The UN Is Trying To Force Americans Into A 'Legally Binding' Climate Pact. Nikki Haley Says That's Not Gonna Happen

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Not in our interests'

EU's Carbon Emissions Pitch Upward As Macron Berates Trump Over Paris Snub

Energy | Chris White
Double-digit increase

Translation Fail: Macron Calls Wife Of Australian PM 'Delicious' During Joint Presser

| Virginia Kruta
'...slip-ups still happen.'

What Happened To The French Tree At The White House?

US | David Krayden
Trump and Macron planted the French oak last Monday

White House Mystery: Oak Tree Planted By Trump And Macron Is Missing

US | Virginia Kruta
Theories abounded...

GOP Senator Completely Debunks Macron's Paris Climate Accord Claims

Energy | Chris White
'It has no teeth'

The DC Today: It's Insane That Trump Hasn't Been Able To Get Rid Of DACA

Video | Stephanie Hamill
This sends the wrong message to other countries

WATCH: What Macron Just Said About The American Military Made The Whole Room Stand Up And Cheer

US | Justin Caruso
He respects America.

CNN Thinks Chris Cillizza Is More Important Than The President Of France

Media | Amber Athey
Can't imagine why their ratings are so low

Macron Echoes Zuckerberg: We Should Use 'Artificial Intelligence' To Police Facebook

Politics | Christian Datoc
'The recent Facebook hearings highlight...'

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