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REPORT: Trial Lawyers Are Shopping Around Cookie-Cutter Climate Lawsuits To Cities

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'They are showy, expensive distractions'

REPORT: Ohio Anti-Fracking Groups Do International Orgs' Bidding Under Guise Of Local Support

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Anything but local'

Bill De Blasio Admits He Wants To Kill The Oil Industry With Global Warming Lawsuit

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Let’s help bring the death knell to this industry'

Academics Omitted Key Evidence In Study Showing Exxon Misled Public On Climate Change

Energy | Chris White
'They have confused climate denial and opposition to a specific climate policy'

Small Ohio Town Spent More Than $185k Trying To Ban Fracking

Energy | Andrew Follett
'No choice but to pick up the tab for these six failed ballot measures'

Document Shows How Environmentalists Trick The Media Into Attacking Fracking

Energy | Andrew Follett
Used babies as props

Enviro Lawsuit Effectivly Bans Fracking In 1 Million Acres Of California

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Fracking has no place in California'

Media Reports On Blockbuster Study Of Fracking Spills Fail To Mention The Biggest Among Them Were 'Fresh Water'

Energy | Andrew Follett
Ahhh! They spilled fresh water!

Fracking Gives Average Local Household $1,900 In Benefits Says Study

Energy | Andrew Follett
They get a 10 percent increase in employment too...

EPA Didn't Actually 'Reverse' Its Stance On Fracking

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Nothing to suggest that fracking is a serious risk'

EPA Provides A Big Update On Whether Fracking Contaminates Groundwater

Energy | Andrew Follett
What it has found so far

IRONY: Global Warming Protesters Met With Bitter Cold, Snow

Energy | Michael Bastasch
The 'Gore effect'

Obama's Energy Secretary To BBC: 'We're Not Seeing Fracking Compromising Fresh Water' [VIDEO]

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Study after study has found [fracking] does not pose a credible threat to drinking water'

This Court Just Destroyed Green Claims About Fracking And Water

Energy | Andrew Follett
No evidence of fracking water contamination

Ohio Enviros Pushing Same Local Fracking Bans That Failed 5 Times Before

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Taxpayers have already spent over $80,000 just to put the measure on the ballot'

New Study Says 'There Is No Support' For Green Claims About Fracking And Radiation

Energy | Andrew Follett
The risk of radiation exposure from fracking is 'insignificant'

Exclusive: Anti-Exxon NY AG Raked In $264,000 From Some Of The Company's Biggest Rivals

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Good investment, I guess'

Media Repeats Myth About Fracking And Oklahoma Earthquakes

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Experts have stated over and over again that the fracking is not the cause'

Enviros Campaign to Ban Fracking In Florida ... Where There Is No Fracking

Energy | Andrew Follett
'The bottom line is that there's no fracking in Flordia'

Enviros Say They've Gotten Anti-Fracking Constitutional Amendments On A State's Ballot

Energy | Andrew Follett
$14.5 billion in lost economic output and 104,000 jobs

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