RUSSIA: Our Polar Bears Are Adapting To Global Warming

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A couple of polar bears, Felix (L), a nine-year-old, and Aurora, a six-year-old, walk inside its enclosure at the Royev Ruchey Zoo in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia, March 29, 2016. Zoo keepers have allowed the bears to live together hoping that they will mate. Both bears were rescued by people in the Arctic Ocean, and were brought to the Krasnoyarsk zoo. A weak orphaned cub, Felix was delivered to the zoo from a scientific polar station on the Wrangel Island in May 2006. Aurora and her sister, Victoria, were found without their mother along a coast of Russia's Taymyr Peninsula in May 2010, according to zoo representatives. REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin

‘Nothing threatens our bears’

Trial Lawyers Are Using Global Warming 'Attribution' Studies To Sue Oil Companies

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‘We have all that information now’

Michigan Utility Vows To Quit Coal By 2040 Over Climate Change

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The Trenton Channel Power Plant, a coal-fired electricity plant operated by DTE Energy

‘We can do our part’

Dem Lawmakers Beat A Dead Horse To Prove Pruitt Blew Money On Flight Travel

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‘Your agency has failed to provide a clear explanation’

Trump Wanted To Turn Global Warming Policy On Its Head, Top Official Says

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A general view shows the Philadelphia Energy Solutions petroleum refinery in Philadelphia

‘They wanted climate science to dictate their energy policy’

REPORT: Paris Climate Signers Worry The Deal Didn't Go Far Enough

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Mercury thermometer marking 39 degrees Celsius 100 Fahrenheit in a sunny day. Summer heat shown on mercury thermometer against the blue sky. Sunlight with sun flares. (shutterstock/Belish)

‘It’s not big enough’

Al Gore Cherry-Picks Data To Paint A Favorable Picture Of Paris Accord Progress

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Al Gore chairman of Generation Investment Management gestures during the Web Summit, Europe's biggest tech conference, in Lisbon, Portugal, November 9, 2017. REUTERS/Pedro Nunes

So, whats really going on?

Russia May Join Saudi Arabia In The World's Biggest Energy Cartel

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A flag with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) logo is seen during a meeting of OPEC and non-OPEC countries in Vienna

‘Potential is huge for cooperation’

WaPo Worries West Virginia Paper's Death Will Mean Less Anti-Coal Coverage

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Michael Nelson, a coal miner worker shakes hands with U.S. President Donald Trump as he prepares to sign Resolution 38, which nullfies the "stream protection rule", at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 16, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

‘Played an important role in checking the industry’s power’

The Result Of 26 Years Of Global Warming Policies -- 'We Have Failed'

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Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore attends Unlocking Financing for Climate Action session during the IMF/World Bank spring meetings in Washington, U.S., April 21, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

‘Made most of us a little poorer’

Eastern US Weather Stations Show A 54-Year COOLING Trend

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A snow-covered statue of Coca-Cola founder John Pemberton holds a "Coke" in Pemberton Plaza at "The World of Coke" museum during a snowstorm in Atlanta, Georgia, February 12, 2010. A rare snowstorm blanketed the Southeast with several inches falling in the Atlanta metro area. REUTERS/Tami Chappell

‘Warming hole’

Dems Want Oregon To Be Like California, Push For 'Cap-And-Trade'

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown speaks at a news conference in Roseburg, Oregon October 2, 2015. Chris Harper-Mercer, the man killed by police on Thursday after he fatally shot nine people at the southern Oregon community college was a shy, awkward 26-year-old fascinated with shootings, according to neighbors, a person who knew him, news reports and his own social media postings. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola

‘We don’t want to penalize customers’

Elon Musk Gets Approval To Dig Giant Hole Near Dilapidated Part Of DC

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SpaceX founder Elon Musk waves at a press conference following the first launch of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, U.S., February 6, 2018. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

‘We’re just beginning’

WINTER? Record Lows In California, But Record Highs Out East

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WASHINGTON DC - FEB 23, 2017: Ice skaters dressed for spring skate under 74 degree (F) sun in unseasonably warm winter weather at National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink on the National Mall. Source: bakdc/Shutterstock

‘Much of the USA will see records’

Former EPA Chief Gina McCarthy Dinged For Using First Class Flights

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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (L) and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy (R) testify before a House Oversight and government Reform hearing on "Examining Federal Administration of the Safe Drinking Water Act in Flint, Michigan, Part III" on Capitol Hill in Washington March 17, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Gina McCarthy flew first class

EXCLUSIVE: A New Group Wants To Give Rural Americans A Voice And Bring The Fight To The Eco-Left

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Members of United Mine Workers of America hold a rally outside the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Washington

‘Your avocado did not grow in D.C.’

Scott Pruitt Is Delaying His Trip To Israel Again As His Travel Costs Are Scrutinized

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt speaks during an interview with Reuters in Washington

‘The administrator looks forward to going in the future’