Cooking the books

Opinion | Rep. Joe Pitts

How Obamacare is like a Ponzi scheme.

No, actually it's because private markets do many things better than government

Opinion | Kendrick Macdowell

Conservatives seek smaller government because there are competing institutions for achieving social goods, and government — from the experience and observation of conservatives — tends to be less efficient at achieving these social goods than other institutions

December 15, 2011: The last day of BP

Opinion | Bill Regardie

Hey, Frank. Can you believe it was only 18 months ago you guys announced the sale of the first piece of BP – that $10 billion Alaska plot they nicknamed Palin’s Peaks – to start paying for their Gulf clean up?

Supreme Court limits use of 'honest service' law - AP

Business | interns

Judges rules that ‘honest services’ law could not be used in convicting Skilling for role in collapse of Enron; ruling does not require Skilling’s conviction to be overturned

Wal-Mart makes 'suspicious' donation to Durbin's state - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

Hours before a key vote, the retail giant announced a $20 million donation for projects in Illinois

BP is asking for its punishment—literally

Opinion | Chris Horner

So the truth is that BP has not only asked, for more than a decade, for the supposed punishment that President Obama now says is imperative he and the Senate now dole out in response to the Gulf oil spill. It has been pleading for it.

Disgrace of the day: Baptist-and-bootlegger presser

Opinion | Chris Horner

Today’s press conference teaming Big Business and the left-wing coalition is in fact an embarrassing display of the worst that today’s Washington has to offer

19 Billion reasons to reform Fannie and Freddie

Opinion | Julia Seymour

Former government-sponsored enterprises ask for additional $8.4 billion, $10.6 billion federal assistance

Big shockers among Tony Award nominations - LA Times

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

In the category of best play, ‘Enron’ had been up for London’s equivalent to the Tony, the Olivier Award but it isn’t on the Tonys list of nominees

Obama stumbled on Wall Street

Opinion | Alan Reynolds

Do threats of tighter regulations and higher taxes on banks sound like a way to increase lending? President Obama seems to think so

Broadway's Enron: Financial chicanery 101 - NY Daily News

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

The production at the Broadhurst Theatre charts how company financiers cooked the books to the tune of billions of dollars and to catastrophic results in 2001

Wall Street shuffle: Their ‘huge playground’ is safe

Opinion | Chris Horner

Those of you worrying on Wall Street, please do not be distracted by the president’s apparent assault. He’s still got your back. With the push beginning Monday to push through a ‘cap-and-trade’ energy tax and rationing scheme—without committee hearings and possibly, according to Harry Reid, even using ‘reconciliation’ again

Promoting policies that punish Americans

Opinion | Mike Carey

Take light bulbs for example. In the name of saving the planet, regular incandescent light bulbs will be outlawed by 2012 and you will only be able to purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs, which contain poisonous mercury and cause migraines

Busted - Salon

| interns

Research groups say breast enhancements and other cosmetic procedures are on a slow but sure decline

Strange bedfellows: Skilling v. United States

Opinion | Stephen Richer

These points really hit home when I learned that even I, a law-respecting, patriotic American, could be prosecuted under the statute for simply spending a few minutes of my workday to check my e-mail, look up NBA stats, or listen to pop-singer Ke$ha’s new song “Tik Tok.” After all, by doing so, I would be depriving my employer of my full services.