USDA spends $60 mil in climate change crop research - AP

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One study will focus on Midwestern corn, another on wheat in the Northwest and a third on Southern pine forests

Planet Earth in crosshairs of major solar flare - WaPo

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A substantial show of the Northern Lights and disruptions to communications and electrical grids are possible over the next 24-48 hours

Chrysler and Uncle Sam to make hybrid minivan - Wired

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The vehicle design aims to ramp up fuel efficiency by 35 percent, decrease emissions by 25

Protected seals clubbed to death in New Zealand - AP

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Attackers wielding bats or clubs slaughtered two dozen fur seals, including newborn pups

Wind industry looks for more Federal aid - Des Moines Register

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The wind-power industry is looking for another jolt out of the government to keep growing

Tehran on 'smog holiday' as dirty air keeps hold - AP

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For the third workday in two weeks, Tehran was effectively shut down Thursday because of ‘unhealthy’ pollution levels

NASA to unveil non-alien, arsenic-loving bacteria tomorrow - Daily Mail

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NASA scientists are set to announce that bacteria have been discovered that can survive in arsenic, an element previously thought too toxic to support life

One EMP burst and the world goes dark - USA Today

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Gingrich last year cited the EMP Commission report in warning, ‘One weapon of this kind that went off over Omaha would eliminate most of the electrical production in the United States’

Earth's five rarest materials - CS Monitor

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The Christian Science Monitor examines the rarest materials and how they affect your everyday life

Dracula fish and lipstick gecko among new discoveries - Reuters

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They are one of 145 new species found in Southeast Asia this year

Imagine a world without mosquitoes - TheDC

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Scientists nearing chance at eradication; opposition says, ‘reality bites’

Ice cap losses and their ice age explanation - Yahoo News

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New study slashes estimate of icecap loss

What happened to all the leaked oil in the Gulf? It's 'complex' - Popular Science

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Scientists scan Gulf floor looking for answers

Scottish scientists develop whiskey-fuel - Sky News

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Butanol is 25 percent more efficient than ethanol

Using magnetic waves to save trapped miners - Popular Science

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New communications technology could aid in underground disasters.

Engineers clean up sewage with rocket science -

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Stanford engineers are working on a sewage treatment process which uses rocket engines to clean up gas byproducts

'Chia wall' to muffle highway sound - Discovery News

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An Ohio highway will soon include a sound barrier made of vegetation rather than concrete

The fish that saved an African coastline - Wired

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The bearded goby is a six-inch fish that has saved the ecosystem off the coast of Namibia

Big chunk of Greenland glacier breaks off - USA Today

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The breaking-off of seven square miles of glacier from Greenland’s coast was caught on satellite imagery

First day for the 'BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling Commission' - The Times-Picayune

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The commission charged with recommending how to prevent and mitigate impact of the spill