We Need Clean Cars Now More Than Ever

Opinion | Heather Leibowitz
We need to do more to cut pollution, not less.

Clean Energy Week Marks Turning Point in National Energy Discussion

Opinion | Kelly Ayotte
Almost everyone understands that diversifying the nation’s energy portfolio is a good thing.

It's Time To Limit Abusive, Taxpayer-Funded Environmental Litigation

Opinion | Kevin Mooney
These legal excesses enrich trial lawyers but do nothing to preserve endangered species.

Congress Can Fix Unfair System Of Tax Incentives

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
Will Congress allow this vital energy resource to be co-opted by China or other foreign competitors?

No matter what Al Gore says, truth does not apply to science

Opinion | Tom Harris
No matter what the former VP says, truth and scientific theory are distinct concepts.

EXCLUSIVE: Al Gore's Home Devours 34 Times More Electricity Than Average U.S. Household

Opinion | Drew Johnson
The former vice president hypocritically calls for Americans to reduce energy consumption in new film.

Liberal Moms Not Happy That Scott Pruitt Vows To Clean Up Radioactive Landfill

Opinion | Crystal Wright
The histrionics over the EPA director's plan are more about politics than health concerns.

The Private Sector, Not Government, Should Spearhead Green Energy

Opinion | Dylan Moore
Industry leaders are the ones trying to take us to a more sustainable future. We need to let them.

Pruitt Tests Murky Waters Of EPA Science

Opinion | David Lewis
Tge EPA does more damage than good. It's time to delegate its regulatory responsibilities to the states.

How EPA Began To Destroy America's Health

Opinion | David Lewis
Thanks to the EPA and its body of fake science toxic chemicals have been spread across America.

Animal Rights Legislators Push Window Dressing Laws Instead Of Tackling Real Dangers

Opinion | Patti Strand
Lawmakers draft bills based on the outdated belief that there is a dog overpopulation issue.

Virginia Farmer Who Secured Property Rights Legislation Named Executive VP Of Reagan PAC

Opinion | Kevin Mooney
The PAC will help level the playing field between average Americans and environmental activists.

The Conservative Alternative To A Carbon Tax

Opinion | Ed Lopez
Enacting "Zero Regrets" would be a victory for President Trump and the Republicans in Congress.

The Ethanol Lobby Met Its Match With EPA Chief Scott Pruitt

Opinion | Peter Ferrara
Mandates create artificial winners and losers in the economy.

Earth Day Must Divorce Itself From The Climate Scare

Opinion | Tom Harris
The event must re-focus on known environmental problems.

Faux Conservatives For Solar Energy

Opinion | Bob Barr
Progressives are using "conservatives" as a facade to further their cause.

COULTER: Choose Between A Green America And A Brown America

Opinion | Ann Coulter
Third-world immigrants do not share Americans' love of nature and cleanliness.

The "Clean Water Rule" Is About Federal Authority, Not Water

Opinion | Megan Ingram
Americans need both clean water and clear rules.

Trump's Energy Independence Order: A Boon To America And The Environment

Opinion | E. Calvin Beisner
Rolling back Obama's regulations promotes both prosperity and freedom, and so also a cleaner, more healthful, more beautiful environment.

The Russia Connection Tom Steyer Doesn't Want You To Know About

Opinion | Craig Richardson
Steyer's war against America's energy producers corresponds with Putin's efforts to subvert American oil and gas production.

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