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Environmentalists REALLY don't like the Tea party

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz gestures on stage as he is welcomed home by supporters in Houston
'This is the worst-ever score for House Republicans'

Inglis's conservative solution for the environment

Bob Inglis (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

‘It’s a no brainer- change what you tax’

Mongolian Neo-Nazis rebrand as environmentalists to harass foreign business

soccer Nazi. Source: BBC News

Expert says Mongolians are ‘quite capable of understanding irony’

Environmentalists accuse Los Angeles of 'environmental racism'

Los Angeles Pollution

‘Because they think they can get away with it’

Earth Day co-founder killed, 'composted' his ex-girlfriend - TheDCNF


Ira Einhorn told police she went missing shopping for tofu and sprouts

Sierra Club executive bragged that '130 buses' full of climate protesters traveled to D.C.


Turnout is underwhelming for anti-Keystone pipeline protests

Study claims gov't underestimated the benefits of opening federal lands to drilling - TheDCNF


‘The economic effects of allowing access to U.S. energy resources are significant’

Environmentalists see court ruling against polar habitat as 'temporary setback' - TheDCNF


Proposed habitat would have been bigger than California

Chaka Khan to Obama: 'Clean up this friggin' earth' [VIDEO] - TheDC

Chaka Khan

‘If we don’t have this planet, what good is anything else?’

College will slaughter animal mascots for sustainability - TheDCNF

Green Mountain College

‘When they are processed for meat, the oxen will yield about a ton of beef’

Congress' failure to pass new farm bill is good news for Americans

The farm bill would have put upward pressure on food prices.

Biting the hand that feeds them

Environmental groups are being paid millions by the government agencies they sue.

Obama's green jobs bust

It’s even worse than you think.

Fat Americans diminishing world's food supply, researchers say - TheDC


Researchers say fat Americans are the latest threat to environmental sustainability

Progressives need to give Obama the green light on Keystone

The controversy over the pipeline could hand the election to Mitt Romney.

A red light on green food rhetoric

The organic food movement is untethered from reality.

Keystone and the troubling growth of NIMBYism

Local communities, along with environmental groups, are preventing critical energy projects from being built.

Earth Day, the free market way

Environmentalism today rejects science and technology, ensuring abject misery for the poorest on our planet.

Inhofe: Obama 'trying to run away from the far-left environmentalists' - TheDC

Senator says Obama will give environmental supporters what they want after the 2012 election

Bad faith and bad science from NRDC

As usual, the Natural Resources Defense Council is raising money by scaring people.