STOP THE MADNESS: The Legal Shakedown Of America's Energy Industry Is Flagrant Abuse Of The Courts

op-ed | Craig Richardson
The insatiable environmental movement is an absurd beast that will never be satisfied

The Virtue-Signaling Of 'Don't-Have-Kids' Environmentalists Is LUDICROUS

op-ed | Gary Bauer
America could use more babies, not fewer

America's Economy Remains Sapped By Fringe Environmental Ideologues

op-ed | Matthew Kandrach
The Sierra Club and its fringe partners have become radical, hypocritical attack dogs

De Blasio To The Environment: Eat My SUV Exhaust

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Maryland's GOP Gov. Backslides On Past Support For Fracking

Energy | Chris White
'Environmental risks of fracking simply outweigh any potential benefits'

Here's Why Elon Musk Can't Save Australia's Energy Woes

Energy | Chris White
Dependence on renewable energy is resulting in blackouts

Anti-Fracking Activist Sentenced To Jail On 13 Counts Of Voter Fraud In Ohio

Energy | Chris White
'I felt like I needed to keep the numbers up ...'

Enviros Believe Trump's SCOTUS Pick 'Will Embolden Polluters'

Energy | Chris White
'Will prevent agencies ... from fulfilling their mission'

Anti-Exxon Crusade On The Ropes After Failing To Stop Rex Tillerson's Confirmation

Energy | Chris White
Their campaign didn't go as expected

Enviros Freak Out After Judge Calls Global Warming A Controversial Belief

Energy | Chris White
'I know that there’s tremendous controversy over the fact whether it even exists'

Enviro Admits She Would Oppose TX Pipeline Even If Deemed Perfectly Safe

Energy | Chris White
'It doesn’t even matter whether the pipeline is dangerous or not dangerous'

Trudeau Faces Backlash After Saying Canada Should Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Energy | Chris White
Any plans to shutter the industry would 'have to go through me and four million Albertans first'

Dakota Protesters Doused With Water Cannons During Riots In Freezing Cold North Dakota

Energy | Chris White
'Officers on the scene are describing protesters' actions as very aggressive'

WaPo: Enviro-Nuts More Likely Than Trump Voters To Commit Violence After Election

Energy | Chris White
'Prompts more illegal sabotage from environmental extremists'

Obama Suggests Dakota Pipeline 'Reroute' In The Works To Appease 'First Americans'

Energy | Chris White
'The Army Corps is examining whether there are ways to reroute this pipeline'

New Report Shows Enviros Dead Set On Expanding Exxon Crusade

Energy | Chris White
'Climate accountability scorecard'

Green Group Jumps On The Bandwagon, Files Lawsuit Against Exxon Over Climate Fraud

Energy | Chris White
'ExxonMobil’s climate deceit hits home'

Sen Dem Report Blasting EPA's Critics Has Ties To Enviro-Group

Politics | Chris White
Document appears to have been created by an attorney with EarthJustice

Eco-Group And 'Babe' Actor Want NY To Permanently Halt All Fossil Fuel Projects

Energy | Chris White
'We are at the limits of suicide'

Energy Attorneys Say 'Futile' To Compare Oil Industry To Big Tobacco

Energy | Chris White
'Tobacco was shown to cause specific harm to specific individuals -- Not so with climate change'

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