Lewandowski On Trump: 'He Is The Ernest Hemingway Of Twitter'

Politics | Davis Richardson

In a Fox News interview, Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski called the President the “Ernest Hemingway of Twitter.”

Bullfighting And Fiestas: Hemingway At The RNC

Opinion | Mary Claire Kendall
Ted Cruz speaking at RNC 2016 Grae Stafford Daily Caller

Trump decimated his opponents and, if past is prologue, he’s on the way to decimating Clinton.

Making a federal case out of cat care

Opinion | Clark Neily

Does the Commerce Clause really give the federal government the power to regulate how pet cats are treated on Key West?

Court: USDA can regulate Ernest Hemingway museum's cats

US | David Demirbilek

The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum reports that it currently houses between 40 and 50 cats

Eunuchs of the fourth estate: Sarah Palin and the press

Opinion | Mark Judge

Palin’s bus tour is revealing how incredibly wimpy today’s journalists are.

Catalonia says adios to bullfighting - AP

World | interns

Catalonia’s parliament in Barcelona voted to ban bullfighting today in the first such prohibition in mainland Spain

Secretary Vilsack: Re-hire Shirley Sherrod

op-ed | Ken Blackwell

Maybe President Obama doesn’t have to invite Mrs. Sherrod, Secretary Vilsack, and the Spooners to the White House for a beer summit. After all, once is enough. But the President does have the power to make this right

Man gored in the groin at Spain's running of the bulls - TheDC

Sports | interns

Brit in ‘serious condition,’ and 11 more injured in Pamplona

Gloomy economy dampens mood at Pamplona bull run - AP

Business | admin

A proposed regional bullfighting ban is combining with grim economic times to send a chill through the national pastime

S.E. Cupp’s Diary: Back to school

op-ed | S.E. Cupp

Ron Reagan Jr is a guy who was raised in Los Angeles by famous parents, got kicked out of prep school, dropped out of Yale, and only now has a career in political punditry because his anti-conservative views made him a mildly interesting novelty act. And he has the balls to criticize Sarah Palin’s career arc? I love guys like this, who are so disconnected from reality that they enthusiastically serve up totally nonsensical drivel—with pride and a shit-eating grin!

Johnny Rotten, traditionalist modern

Opinion | Mark Judge

There’s few things more dull and irritating in this world than an aging hipster whining that rock and roll music just isn’t as good, man, as it used to be. Whatever, pops. Go back to your patchouli and Woodstock movie—on VHS. Still, some recent YouTube surfing and a discovery in my basement led me to conclude that pop music had more diversity of sound and genuine genius 25 years ago.