Asylum Numbers Significantly Drop In EU

World | Gabrielle Okun
'Political will'

Europeans Ask Trump For Sanctions Exemption In Bid To Save Iran Nuclear Deal

World | Will Racke
'Refrain from taking action to harm Europe’s security interests'

World Health Organization Slammed For Misleading Smokers Away From Safer Alternatives Like Vaping

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
'Goals appear to have been abandoned'

Christians In Western European Countries Attacked By Jihadis And Flooded With Migrants Are Reportedly Less Positive About Islam

World | Joshua Gill
'Britain, France, Germany and Italy'

Europe Wants To Ban All Plastic Cutlery And Straws To Stop 'Plastic Pollution'

Energy | Anders Hagstrom
'Cleaner alternatives'

Europe On The Verge Of 'Severe' Energy Crisis

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'Will we have to see blackouts before you see a change in policies?'

Renewable Energy Increased In Europe, But So Did Carbon Emissions

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Massive investments in renewables doesn't appear to do the trick

Terrorist Goes On Stabbing Rampage In Paris, ISIS Claims Responsibility

World | Will Racke
Multiple victims

Immigration Is The Number One Concern Across Europe: Poll

World | Will Racke
'There is a new issue agenda'

Study: British Men Are More Traditional About Gender Roles Than Other European Dudes

World | Gabrielle Okun
'Cultural bedrock'

Europe Isn't Ready To Start Policing Big Tech Companies After Getting All Eager

World | Eric Lieberman
'Our resources were insufficient to cope with the new missions'

Migrant Deaths Mount As Over 20,000 Refugees Arrive In Europe Since The Start Of 2018

World | Ian Miles Cheong
Western European nations complain that most of the migrants aren't even being recorded.

US, Europe Must Convince Each Other To Pursue The Right Goals In Iran

op-ed | Walid Phares
It is incumbent upon American and European leaders to establish a plan of action

One Of The World's Largest Banks Is Bowing To Climate Alarmism

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Not a commercial decision'

Where Nazis Met, Jews Now Dance

op-ed | Josh Nass
After WWII nobody could foresee that there would ever be a Jewish community in Berlin again

Top EU Official: Breaking Up Google Is Always On The Table

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'Important to keep an awakened eye'

Ukrainian Woman Jogs Naked In Freezing Water To Keep Youthful Appearance

World | Gabrielle Okun

Report: Barcelona Is Europe's Cocaine Capital

World | Gabrielle Okun
'Top contenders'

Rome Hit By Two Inches Of Snow, Calls In The Army To Save The City

Energy | Tim Pearce
'The beast from the east'

Stop The Stall -- It's Time To Get Energetic About Energy

op-ed | Steve Goreham
Let's return to the real underlying energy drivers

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