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Who Deleted The Ex-CEO Of Merrill Lynch From Google?

Stan O'Neal of Merrill Lynch attends Chamber of Commerce meeting

This BBC journalist’s article on the ousting of Stan O’Neal is now GONE from Google search results in Europe

Euro Elite Swamped By Populist Wave

The leader of Britain's UKIP party, Nigel Farage, laughs with supporters in South Ockendon

Mass immigration and centralization have sparked popular revolt

Obama couples Putin with conservatism

U.S. President Barack Obama looks on as he takes part in a EU-US summit in Brussels

If you wear progressive lenses, Lincoln looks like a T-90 tank

Minimum wage has hurt employment in Europe

Protesters calling for higher wages for fast-food workers stand outside a McDonald's restaurant in Oakland

‘Push a considerable number of people into unemployment’

Obama set for six days of speed-diplomacy

Obama Mandela.JPEG

One pope, at least two kings, several presidents and lots of prime ministers

The TRUE story of the 26-minute execution


26 minutes to go

Watching Europeans argue over reindeer meat this year is just delicious

Photo collage: Getty Images/Eva Mårtensson, YouTube screenshot/Domenic Marchione

‘Eating Rudolph at Christmas’ is ‘phenomenally popular’ apparently

Watch Tiger Woods hit a ball from Europe to Asia

And cause a traffic jam

Russia overtakes Germany to become 5th largest economy

(AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky, Presidential Press Service)

On track to be biggest consumer market in Europe

Guardian pulls front-page NSA story after source revealed to be conspiracy nut

(Credit:Flickr/B Rosen)

The Guardian pulled a front-page NSA story off its website Sunday after the story’s source was revealed to be an unqualified conspiracy theorist

Europe importing US trees to keep the lights on


Environmentalists dislike consequence of renewable energy rule

Liberals and sharia: 'Who let Jaws into the swimming pool?' [VIDEO]


It has been unchanged for at least eleven hundred years….we know what sort of animal we are facing

California, Illinois and New York ‘have more-or-less become European,’ argues author

APTOPIX Italy Elections.JPEG

But what’s so wrong with becoming like Europe? It’s not quite North Korea, right?

Europe gives itself 'World's #1 Dad' award"> Europe gives itself 'World's #1 Dad' award - TheDC

#1 Dad

America’s deadbeat step dad receives posthumous Nobel

Is European austerity a facade? - TheDCNF

Europe Finacial Crisis.JPEG

Europeans blame austerity measures for sinking economy, but numbers show little to no spending cuts have taken place

Euro 2012 football fan dies after eleven nights without sleep - Fox Soccer

Soccer Euro 2012

He watched every single European Championship match from Poland-Ukraine

Cap and take

How regulators doomed Europe’s carbon trading scheme.

Mr. Obama's Greek challenge

Greece’s economic and political unraveling could not be coming at a worse moment for President Obama.

You'd better be glad it's Putin

How Vladimir Putin’s control over Russian politics benefits America.

Even if austerity is great, it won't work in Europe

Europe and America are so different that nothing that succeeds or fails in one should be assumed to work or not work in the other.