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Is Religious Liberty Being Threatened By Obama's Latest Executive Order?

Obama Signs Executive Order

New LGBT non-discrimination order alarms religious freedom advocates

Obama Unilaterally Puts Huge Swaths Of Pacific Ocean Off-Limits To Development

Obama Mexican flag AFP/Getty Images/Mandel Ngan

Republicans decry ‘imperial president’

Obama looks to close wage gap while paying female staffers less than men

President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington
Obama will sign two new executive orders to close the wage gap Tuesday

Feds unveil preliminary cyber standards for US companies

Mideast Iran Squeezing The Web.JPEG

But the slow bureaucratic machinery of Washington could endanger companies combating fast-acting threats

Obama signs cybersecurity executive order, raising regulatory concerns - TheDC

State Of Union.JPEG

The House homeland security committee is expected to hold a hearing later this month on the executive order

Hypocrisy and theatrics as Obama launches campaign against Second Amendment - National Rifle Association - ILA


Statements Obama made in laying out his gun control vision deserve to be corrected and clarified here

White House petition asks Obama to shun gun-control executive orders - TheDC

Two Glock .40 caliber handguns are displ

Signature-gathering effort aims to ‘prevent … executive orders restricting the 2nd Amendment’

Obama executive order expands Homeland Security reach into local law enforcement - TheDC

US Terrorism Centers

New plan follows damning Senate report on ‘fusion center’ cooperation with DOJ

Obama grants DHS power to takeover commercial, private communications during emergency - TheDC

Janet Napolitano Homeland Security Secretary

DHS charged with handling of communications during a national security event or natural disaster

The president's imperial amnesty decree

President Obama’s move to circumvent Congress has created a constitutional crisis.