Police Are Using Dead People’s Fingers To Unlock iPhones

Tech | Audrey Conklin

“It’s completely legal”

Firm Wants To Put Facial Recognition Tech In Your Credit Card

Tech | Steve Ambrose

Fraud prevention in your face

CREEPY: Boston PD Recorded Every Face At Local Music Festivals To Test Facial Recognition Software

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Face capture’ recorded thousands of faces and monitored skin color, height, clothing, etc.

Don't Look Now, But The FBI Just Used Facial Recognition Tech Catch Fugitive On The Run For 14 Years

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘My impression was that he never thought he would be discovered’

New facial-recognition app lets anybody creep on anyone

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Fans train their cameras on their mobile phones on the arrivals line at the premiere of the new film "Pain & Gain" directed by Michael Bay in Hollywood

NameTag will identify photos by matching social network profiles

FBI begins installation of nationwide facial recognition system - RT

Tech | Josh Peterson

As of July 18, 2012, the FBI reports, “The NGI program … is on scope, on schedule, on cost, and 60 percent deployed.”

Franken grills Facebook over obscure facial recognition policy - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson

‘You’re head of this at Facebook?’