Is profiling the answer?

Opinion | Pamela Varkony

Profiling may be a necessary tool in the War on Terrorism.

TheDC Analysis: Mary Katharine Ham on Juan Williams and the speech police - TheDC

Politics | Mary Katharine Ham

TheDC’s Mary Katharine Ham, who appeared on The O’Reilly Factor alongside Juan Williams, speaks about the controversial firing

News of another Taliban possibly in the U.S. stokes fears - Fox News

US | interns

New Pakistani Taliban operative feared inside U.S. after Times Square failure

Radical Islam is a real threat

Opinion | David Bossie

David Bossie, the president of Citizens United, challenges Talking Points Memo reporter Ryan Reilly’s assertion that radical Islam is merely a “supposed threat.”

Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad sentenced to life - ABC

US | Chad Brady (admin)

Shahzad pleaded guilty in June to the failed May 1 attack, and admitted receiving terror training from the Pakistani Taliban

Shahzad gets life - AP

Politics | admin

Still-defiant Times Square bomber sentenced in Manhattan court

Are we in a permanent state of war?

op-ed | Ed Ross

Why the war on terror will likely drag on for the rest of our lives — and our children’s.

Who's to blame for anti-Islamic sentiments?

Opinion | Matt Patterson

American Muslims are largely responsible for growing anti-Islamic sentiments.

The continued ineptitude of our Jihadi enemies

Opinion | Jonathan Schanzer

A senior Taliban commander killed himself and his assistant when a bomb they were assembling prematurely detonated, the BBC reported yesterday

Times Square bomber wimped out on suicide - ABC News

US | Chad Brady (admin)

A new propaganda tape from the Taliban of Pakistan shows that failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad was a wimp

Obama's war on the language of terror

Opinion | Kendrick Macdowell

This Administration’s premise — that one way to fight Islamic terrorists is to go silent on the very phrase “Islamic terrorists” lest we offend Muslims — contradicts one of the greatest principles of American constitutional jurisprudence.

Times Square car bomber details his chilling plot - AP

US | admin

Shahzad offered details about how he trained with the Pakistani Taliban to build bombs, then returned to the U.S. to launch an attack

Times Square car bomb suspect pleads guilty - AP

US | admin

Faisal Shahzad entered plea Monday after indictment of 10 terrorism and weapon counts

1st Amendment doesn't afford criminals right to break laws anonymously

Feature:Opinion | Sens. John Cornyn and Chuck Schumer

By requiring pre-paid cell phone purchasers to provide just a small amount of identifying information, we can close a major law enforcement blind spot and make our nation safer

U.S. considers military option in Pakistan - AP

US | admin

The option would be used in the event that the Pakistani Taliban launch a successful terror attack on American soil

Families defend Pakistanis detained over NYC bomb - AP

US | admin

The latest suspect to be questioned is a Pakistani named Humbal Akhtar confirmed by his wife to have disappeared a few days ago

I’m dumb and I’m proud!

Opinion | Tom O'Connor

For a long time now, we dumb people have hoped for a leader who could blaze new trails; who could go where no dummy has gone before. Finally, that role model has mounted the national stage, front and center. I speak, of course, of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Attempted attacks on U.S. at record high - CNN

US | interns

DHS document expects attempts with ‘increased frequency’

Blair’s resignation: A symptom of a more serious problem

Editorial | Ed Ross

Every new president makes some wrong personnel choices at the beginning of his administration. They soon recognize their mistakes and replace those individuals with people who do a better job. Where the security of the country from terrorist attacks is concerned, however, those mistakes can have grave consequences for the American people

The Pakistani connection - LAT

World | interns

Investigators have arrested a Pakistani army major linked to the prime suspect in the botched attempt to bomb New York City’s Times Square