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Vice President Pence Tells Pastors To Keep Sharing 'The Good News Of Jesus Christ'

US | Scott Morefield
'Always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have.'

A Large Number Of Ohio Clergymen Demand An End To 'Federal Judiciary Tyranny'

US | Joshua Gill
'These 600 unelected bureaucrats are silencing voters'

Family Research Council President Appointed As Commissioner Of U.S. Commission On International Religious Freedom

US | Joshua Gill
'Single biggest defender of religious freedom internationally'

House Tax Bill Blurs The Line Between Church And State

Politics | Jack Crowe
'It will bring the partisan divide to our doors'

Why Is The SPLC Transferring Funds To Off-Shore Accounts?

US | Anders Hagstrom
'It is a huge red flag'

Attacks On Religious Freedom Rise 76 Percent Since 2014

US | Joshua Gill
'Reflects the growing hostility'

Family Research Council Stands Behind Trump Despite Pro-Adultery Stance

Washington Gadfly | Evan Gahr

Family Research Council: 'Hostility' Toward Christians Is Giving Terrorists The 'Green Light'

US | Christian Datoc
'We cannot tolerate that as Americans'

Josh Duggar Resigns From Family Research Council

US | Alex Pappas
Accused as a teenager of sexually molesting several girls

Bill Prohibiting Gay-To-Straight Therapy Becomes Law In DC

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Bill opponents say it violates 'client autonomy'

See How Many Americans Oppose The Contraception Mandate

US | Chuck Ross
By the numbers

Remembering the religious freedoms we're losing

Opinion | Emily Minick
This Religious Freedom Day, the right to live according to one's beliefs is under attack.

The Constitution: What difference does it make?

Opinion | Robert Morrison a country that's more or less abandoned its precepts.

Socially conservative US politicians silent on UK porn restrictions

Politics | Gabe Finger
Family-oriented organizations support Cameron's measures wholeheartedly

Activist group wants to change dictionary definition of marriage

World | Ariel Cohen
Plans to redefine word so it fits their idea

'Religious liberty in our nation's military is under attack'

Politics | Alex Pappas
'Religious liberty in our nation's military is under attack'

FRC shooter says he got targets from Southern Poverty Law Center website

US | Caroline May
'It was a uh, Southern Poverty Law, lists, uh anti-gay group'

Tony Perkins floated as possible candidate for Louisiana Senate seat

Politics | Alex Pappas
'He would be a strong addition to a burgeoning conservative caucus'

Family Research Council shooter pleads guilty

US | Caroline May
Says he 'intended to kill as many people as possible'

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