fast and furious

Sessions Rejects House Call To Testify On Withheld Fast And Furious Documents

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
'We are not in a position to provide additional information'

Yes! I Knew This HAD To Be Coming But I'm So Glad It Finally Did

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
HUGE deal on Fast & Furious boxset

DoJ Ignoring Recommendations From Fast & Furious Fallout: Report

Politics | Kathryn Watson
Nothing being done on 109 three-year-old recommendations

Authorities Find .50 Cal At El Chapo's Lair Tied To Fast And Furious

World | Casey Harper
'Deeply regret ...'

.50-Caliber Rifle Sold Through Fast And Furious Found At El Chapo's Hideout

US | Christian Datoc
Reportedly used by El Chapo's guardsmen to shoot down Mexican police helicopters

Ingraham: Obama's Executive Action On Guns 'Has Nothing To Do With Preventing Gun Violence'

Politics | Steve Guest
'It's all about amassing power and perhaps amassing ultimately a government database of gun owners'

Porsche Blames Paul Walker For Deadly Car Wreck

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
'His own comparative fault'

Paul Walker's Teen Daughter Sues Porsche -- Blames Car Company For Dad's Death

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
'Fast and Furious' star died in a car wreck

Garland Terrorist Shouldn't Have Been Able To Purchase His Gun, Approved Anyway

US | Derek Hunter
It's unknown if the guns used in the Texas attack were part of the program

Ex-CBS Reporter Sues Justice Department For Illegal Spying

Politics | Alex Griswold
Alleges retaliation for reporting on Benghazi

Fast & Furious Crime Scene Photos From Phoenix 2013 Gang-Style Assault With Justice Department Supplied Rifle

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear
Caution, very graphic results of Fast & Furious

CRIME SCENE PHOTOS: Fast and Furious Gun Used In Gang Shooting

US | Patrick Howley
Serial number of gun identified

DOJ Uses Election Eve To Obscure Fast And Furious Document Dump

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA
64,000 pages

Eric Holder Email: 'Some People Can Kiss My A**'

US | Chuck Ross
'I'm counting to 10'

Election Eve Dump: Justice Department Releases 64,280 Pages Of 'Fast And Furious' Docs

US | Chuck Ross

Documents Reveal Additional Victims Of Fast And Furious In The U.S., Continued DOJ Cover-Up

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA
Cover-up, deceive and lie - here are the shocking new revelations with Fast & Furious

Eric Holder And The RFK Legacy

Opinion | Lanny Davis
'I consider him to be one of the great attorneys general in this country’s history.'

Wayne LaPierre: Stop Obama’s Lawlessness

Gun Laws & Legislation | Wayne LaPierre
Illegal Immigration, Freeing Criminals, Fast & Furious, Voter ID, IRS - when will it end?

Issa, top Obama scandal cop, SLAMS president for dismissing 'PHONY SCANDALS'

Politics | Alec Hill
'Brian Terry's family does not call it a 'phony' death'

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