Thanks, Dad. Check Out These Hot Mommas

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Happy Father’s Day indeed

A Father's Day Miracle: Dad Donates Liver To Newborn Son

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The justices ruled that federal housing laws prohibit seemingly neutral practices that harm minorities, even without proof of intentional discrimination

‘I was ready to hop on the operating table, as soon as they told me’

America's Families Need Strong Fathers

Opinion | Sen. Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio Faith And Freedom

Sadly, too many public policies discourage marriage and fatherhood.

Yes, There Is A Twitter Hashtag Called #EndFathersDay

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Rebecca Doser handout photo shows a first grader at Lambertville Public School creating two Father's Day cards for his two dads in Lambertville


7 Things Dad Probably Doesn’t Want For Father’s Day

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And the better alternative

10 Gifts For Dad To Completely Rule Father's Day

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Let’s face it, you ARE the best child.

Four gifts that will make dad's day on Fathers Day

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A Fathers Day beer. George Marks/ Getty Images.

Save the disappointment for the other 364 days a year

The Father's Day gift that keeps on giving

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Former President Bill Clinton won for his biography "My Life" in 2005.

We’ll all be getting this Bill for years to come.

What to get Dad? - Women's Outdoor News

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Here is what our outdoor gals picked for their dads

Father at work

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How much of a right do we have to feel wronged by workaholic fathers?

You had me on day one: Father's Day Someecards [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Amanda Bynes, Colin Firth in "What a Girl Wants"

Scroll through our slideshow of the funniest, most heart-warming Someecards for the dads of the world - The Future of Capitalism

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Barnes & Noble must be getting rid of the ‘self-help’ section in all of its stores because the government has set up its own ‘Parenting for Dummies’

Happy Father's Day to celebrity dads [SLIDESHOW] - The Daily Caller

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Father’s Day is this weekend, and we wanted to honor some of our favorite celebrity dads

Gifts for dads who love the great outdoors [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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What do you get a dad who loves the outdoors? The American Rifleman is here to help!