It’s Time To Revisit Children’s TV Programming Regulations

Opinion | Liam Sigaud
The market for educational content is clearly strong enough to thrive without government red tape

'I Wil Find Your Children And Kill Them' -- Feds Arrest Man Threatening FCC Chairman

US | Amber Athey

Net Neutrality Debate Could Harm Northern Virginia’s Economy And Jobs

Opinion | Jason Flanary
Depression-era regulations in the name of net neutrality

With Net Neutrality Repealed, Comcast Says It Stopped Throttling Internet Users

Tech | Kyle Perisic
The opposite of what net neutrality alarmists said would happen...

Clapper Wants To Tap Into Your Social Media With Regulations

Tech | Julia Nista
Key encryptions

California On The Verge Of Getting Its Own Set Of Strict Net Neutrality Rules

Tech | Kyle Perisic
California Senate voted 23–12, exactly divided on partisan lines

Ajit Pai Did Nothing Wrong But The FCC Is Still Going Through Ethics Training

Tech | Kyle Perisic
OSC is 'working with the FCC to schedule comprehensive Hatch Act training for FCC employees'

That Guy Behind Those Annoying Robocalls Just Received A Record $120M Fine

Tech | Kyle Perisic
He made over 100 million robocalls

The Internet Is Stronger Than Ever, So Leave The FCC’s Title II Order Alone

op-ed | Johnny Kampis
Democrats would be smarter to work with Republicans to codify net neutrality

The FCC Received A TON Of Complaints About CNN's Coverage Of Trump's 'S***hole' Comments

Media | Amber Athey
'CNN is out of control'

The NRA Gave Ajit Pai A Long Gun As An Award. Pai Won't Be Picking It Up

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Respectfully decline the award'

Democrats Are Trying to Undo Important Internet Regulatory Reform

op-ed | Jeffrey Mazzella and David Williams
Their arguments have—after all these years—become routine and stale.

Employee Who Sent False Hawaii Missile Alert Thought It Was Real

US | Liam Clancy

FACT CHECK: Was It Illegal For CNN To Broadcast Smoking Weed On Live TV?

Politics | David Sivak
CNN aired a New Year's segment showing the use of marijuana

TheDC Newsroom: The Butthurt Is Strong With Mark Hamill

Video | Daily Caller Productions
A laughable response from Woke Groundrunner

EXCLUSIVE: Ajit Pai Doesn't Think We Currently Have 'Free And Open Internet'

Video | Daily Caller Productions
EXCLUSIVE interview with TheDC's Vince Coglianese

FACT CHECK: Did 23 Million Americans Voice Opposition to Net Neutrality Repeal?

Politics | Emily Larsen
'A chorus of spambots'

Activists Tell FCC Chairman's Kids Their Father Is An Evil Murderer

US | Anders Hagstrom
They protested outside his home

'A Complete Fabrication': FCC Blasts The Washington Post

US | Ted Goodman
'A complete fabrication'

FCC: No Fine On Colbert For Calling Trump Homophobic Slur

Entertainment | Anders Hagstrom
'I have joke; he has the launch codes'

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