Betting On Federalism At The Supreme Court

op-ed | Andrew F. Quinlan
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Are states free to establish their own laws?

Let States Have Their Own Healthcare Systems

Opinion | Deane Waldman
FILE PHOTO: Protesters demonstrate against U.S. President Donald Trump and his plans to end Obamacare outside the White House in Washington, U.S., March 23, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

California wants single-payer. Texas wants free-market. This isn’t a conflict.

How "Running For President" Degrades The Character Of America's Republic

Opinion | Alan Keyes
Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The only people capable of sustaining their role as citizens of the Republic are those who understand and seek to fulfill their vocation as human beings: seeking justice according to God’s will.

Don't Make A Federal Case Out Of It!

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
Hacker in Black Gloves Hacking the System. (Shutterstock/welcomia)

Despite scare-mongering, there is no evidence of any impending cyber-attack on the American electoral system.

The Federal Government Should Butt Out Of State Marijuana Laws

Opinion | Paul Armentano
A woman looking for work in the cannabis industry

Public sentiment and common sense are driving necessary and long overdue changes in state-level marijuana policies

More States Suing Over Obamacare

US | Reuters
Arminda Murillo, 54, reads a leaflet at a health insurance enrollment event in Cudahy, Calif., March 27, 2014. (REUTERS)

Ohio’s fight to keep federalism working

Rule Of Law: Republican AGs Join GOP Election Wave

Opinion | Jessica Medeiros-Garrison

All incumbent attorneys general won, plus these seven new ones.

Thursday's House Vote Is A Tipping Point On Medical Marijuana

Opinion | Aaron Houston

219 votes in favor of leaving states alone — many conservative Republicans, but no Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Fighting Obamacare Starts With The States

Opinion | Ed Lindsey

We can’t wait until the GOP controls both houses, states should act now.

Who controls the most affordable states?

Opinion | Chuck DeVore
Perry Texas Governor

Across the board, it’s Republicans.

New York Times investigation uncovers federalism

Opinion | Jeb Golinkin

There’s nothing scandalous about state and local governments using tax dollars to lure businesses to their jurisdictions.

The ballot box is not the only way to stop Obamacare

Opinion | Jeffrey Singer

The states can choose not to implement the law.

The point of American federalism

Feature:Opinion | Jim Huffman

Federalism isn’t an end in itself.

Get the federal government out of policing crime

Opinion | Kevin Ring

Overlapping state and federal anti-crime efforts can produce some horrible injustices.

What's at stake in the Obamacare cases

Editorial | Jim Huffman

Lawsuits may be the last chance to save the 50 states from finally disappearing into an all-powerful national state.

How the stimulus robbed states of their sovereignty - SVEN LARSON

Editorial | Sven Larson

The 2009 law effectively turned states into federal protectorates.

Why Health Care Compact could be the answer to the Medicaid crisis

Opinion | Eric O'Keefe

Plan would allow states to choose how they spend health care funds.

Don't lose hope, cap-and-traders!

Energy | Rep. Rob Bishop

There’s no reason a 60-vote threshold in the Senate should keep believers from experiencing their green-job-nirvana.

OPINION: As crisis bites, EU grabs for power - THE TELEGRAPH

World | Jeff Winkler (admin)

As the debate continues over the European Commission’s proposals for “peer review” of national budgets, Marta Andreasen, the European Commission’s former chief accountant, gives her blunt opinion