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Hero Pit Bull Saves Sleeping Deaf Boy From Fire

Dog licked his face until he woke up

Tesla To Investigate Model S That Split In Half And Caught Fire After 100-Mph Chase

Stolen Tesla Model S Splits In Half Catches Fire After Massive Crash In LA Area_opt

‘We’ve asked to take a look at the vehicle as soon as that’s possible’

Firefighter Revives Puppy After It Was Rescued From Fire

Firefighters battle the so-called Poinsettia Fire in Carlsbad, California

The puppy and six more dogs were rescued from the burning home

Notre Dame to Student Group: Who Needs You?

Notre Dame Te'o Football.JPEG

A pro-family student group gets denied recognition for asking the college president uncomfortable questions.

Apocalyptic: Watch An Entire San Diego Neighborhood Ablaze

Firefighters battle the so-called Poinsettia Fire in Carlsbad, California

The rapidly growing fires have forced more than 23,000 residents to evacuate

Classy Guy Asks Anchor Out On Live TV At Scene of Wildfire

Says fire’s ‘pretty cool’

Update: College accused of censorship fights back... by censoring FB page

File photo of the log-on screen for the Website Facebook on an Ipad, in Bordeaux

‘Free speech and inquiry is an essential element’

Man runs into burning house to save XBox


‘Life is short. Play more’

2013's dumbest campus free speech cases

Students walk around the Princeton University campus in New Jersey

MIT, Central Florida, you’re on the list.

Eighth-grade student arrested for setting teacher's hijab on fire

Photo: Getty Images, public domain/Kimmo Palosaari

‘It doesn’t change the fact that Westdale is a fine school’

Campus cop stops student from handing out Constitutions ... ON CONSTITUTION DAY


‘Every single person enforcing this should have realized something was wrong’

Student twerkers criminalized, charged with sexual harassment


‘We are asking you to look at these girls in the eyes and tell them they deserve a sexual harassment charge’

Police officer shouts 'burn this motherf--ker' before fire engulfs Dorner's cabin [VIDEO]

LAPD Revenge Killings.JPEG

Comment was picked up inadvertently by a local news broadcast

Home Survival from a Firefighter’s Perspective - Chris Carter


Almost every Christmas, some unfortunate family looses everything

In Sandy's wake, fire destroys 50 New York City homes [VIDEO] - TheDC

Flooded streets, submerged hydrants hamper firefighters in Queens neighborhood

Train fire kills 47 in India - TheDC

India train fire

Horror ensues after short circuit sparks blaze

13 inmates killed in Turkish prison fire - AP

turkey prison fire

The fire may have been started to protest of the deaths of 13 people at the same prison Sunday

Hundreds killed in 'hellish' fire at prison in Honduras - AP

Honduras Prison Fire.JPEG

Early Wednesday some 356 people on the prison roster are unaccounted for among 852 prisoners.

Neil Gaiman and fans of sci-fi classic 'Firefly' save free speech on campus! [VIDEO]

A coalition of sci-fi fans and free speech activists have defeated a Wisconsin university’s censors.