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Grizzly Season Will Open For Wyoming Hunters For The First Time In Half A Century

Energy | Tim Pearce
Licenses run as high as $6,002

Wyoming Sportsmen Are Gearing Up For The First Grizzly Hunt Since 1975

Energy | Tim Pearce
Bag 'em and tag 'em

US Public Lands Are So Poorly Managed That Toilets Are Leaking, Roofs Breaking

Energy | Tim Pearce
'The parks are being loved to death'

Report: Wildlife Service Official Used Grant Program To Funnel Taxpayer Money To His Wife

Energy | Tim Pearce

Obama Fast Tracked Elephant Trophy Ban Without Following Rules

World | Chris White
Strikes an ironic tone

States Are Taking Control Of Yellowstone's Most Iconic Animals — Grizzly Bears

US | Tim Pearce
'Our on-the-ground folks respond more efficiently'

Man Smuggled King Cobras In Potato Chip Cans

US | Gabrielle Okun
Could face 20 years in prison

Environmentalists Deny Facts, Sue Over Grizzly Delisting

US | Tim Pearce
'The population is maxed out'

Report: Trump Has Already Rolled Back $3.7 Billion In Obama-Era Regulations

Energy | Andrew Follett
Will save private sector up to $36.2 billion

Trump Repeals Yet Another Major Obama Green Regulation

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Curbing abusive overreach from the federal bureaucracy'

There's A Bill On Trump's Desk To Trash A Major Obama Enviro Reg

Energy | Andrew Follett
'I look forward to President Trump signing this joint resolution into law'

Congress Trashing Another Major Obama Green Regulation

Energy | Andrew Follett
Farewell to another major Obama rule...

Polar Bear Numbers Still On The Rise, Despite Global Warming

Energy | Andrew Follett
'No reliable evidence to support the contention that polar bears are currently experiencing a climate crisis'

EPA Lets Pollution Contaminate A Disadvantaged Community For DECADES

Politics | Ethan Barton
'We're not talking about an affluent community'

EXCLUSIVE: EPA Makes Private Companies Clean Pollution, Ignores Military Contamination For Decades

US | Ethan Barton
'He experienced a burning sensation in his throat and vomited for days'

Military Pollution Has Contaminated Wildlife Refuge For Nearly 50 YEARS

Energy | Ethan Barton
Inspectors saw refuse pushed 'directly into a swamp.'

Study: Enviro Predictions Of Polar Bear Extinction Based On Lousy Science

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Polar bear numbers have not declined as predicted'

Wind Turbines Are Killing Way More Bats Than Any Expected

Energy | Andrew Follett
'A huge impact to the species’ base line'

Polar Bear Population Is Rising, Despite Green Fears

Energy | Andrew Follett

Obama Allows 4,200 Bald Eagles To Die For Green Energy

Energy | Andrew Follett
Wind farms kill an estimated 573,000 birds each year

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