Analysis Shows That Starbucks's 'Racial Bias Training' Will Likely Show Questionable Results

Politics | Kyle Perisic
Starbucks could lose an estimated $4.4 million in sales Tuesday afternoon

Nate Silver Says Dems Missed Opportunity With Franken Response

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'I thought the Democrats had an opportunity'

That Poll Showing Kid Rock Leading A Sitting US Senator May Be Fake News

Politics | Eric Owens
There may not have even been a poll at all

FiveThirtyEight Says Theresa May's Snap Election Is Risky

World | Ted Goodman
'May's move isn't risk free'

Homicides Jumped In Cities Across The Country Last Year

US | Kevin Daley
Chicago is a warzone

Trump Cruises To Victory Over Clinton In Georgia

Politics | Andrew Follett
Georgia has been a solidly Republican state since 1992

Trump Takes North Carolina

Politics | Andrew Follett
Clinton had a 50.9 percent chance of winning North Carolina

Nate Silver Makes His Final 2016 Prediction

Elections | Eric Owens
'It's unlikely that any further states will flip to Clinton in our final forecast'

FiveThirtyEight: Cubs Winning The World Series Less Likely Than Trump Victory

Politics | Ted Goodman
What does the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series mean for Election Day?

Twitter Battle Reveals Reporters Blacklisted This Climate Expert

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'I am on a media blacklist related to my climate work'

Former Ambassador: Orlando Terror Attack Helps Trump 'Change The Race'

Elections | Andrew Follett
'If I were Trump I'd emphasize the Muslim name, Omar Saddiqui Mateen. This changes [the] race.'

Celebrated Election Data Guy Has Been Wildly Wrong About Trump

Elections | Blake Neff
'Our emphatic prediction is simply that Trump will not win'

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