The Good Guys With Guns Will Protect Students

op-ed | Naftali Moses
Gun in his hand. Exhibition and sale of weapons. (Shutterstock)

Guns don’t save people, but courageous armed men and women certainly can.

A Broward Deputy Is Going Against Sheriff Israel

US | Amber Athey

He wants to know why the four deputies were told to stand down

Don't Kid Yourself, Tough Guy: You Wouldn't Have Rushed Heroically Into Stoneman Douglas High School

op-ed | Travis Yates
Stoneman Douglas High School Getty Images/Joe Raedle

You can’t place a human being in a combat zone unexpectedly and expect a superhero result

Broward Sheriff Isn't Even Sure If His Officers Reported The School Shooter's Many Red Flags

US | Amber Athey
'I'm not sure if anything was done with that information'

Were Four Deputies Ordered To Stand Down During Shooting?

US | Amber Athey

‘I can’t tell you anything about that’

Gov Rick Scott: Florida Will Prohibit Anyone Under 21 From Buying A Gun

Politics | Nick Givas

‘We will completely ban the purchase or sale of bump stocks’