Do You Have A Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener?

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Wall openers are over half off (Photo via Amazon)

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The Best Pressure Cooker Available Is Heavily Discounted Today

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
There's no question how amazing the Instant Pot is (Photo via Amazon)
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Need A Grinder?

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A coffee grinder will solve all your problems REUTERS/YT Haryono/Files

This will grind your coffee for half off

A Good Cup Of Coffee Can Make Or Break Your Morning

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Coffee (Shutterstock/amenic181)

Check out this deal on coffee makers

This De'Longhi Espresso Machine is $400 Off So That's Pretty Incredible

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De'Longhi espresso machine is 44 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

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Tiger Nuts Are The Newest, Greatest 'Superfood'

US | Eric Owens
tiger standing Shutterstock/Eric Isselee

Paleo dieters have found their latest craze, America

Mother Jones: Eating Three Meals A Day Is RACIST

US | Eric Owens
Getty Images, art by Eric Owens

It could also be bad for you, according to scientists who terrorize rats

Californians shoot down three food and beverage-related ballot measures

Politics | Zachary Snider

Voters say ‘no’ to tax on sugary drinks, labels on genetically engineered food

FoodPolitik: Food Day and 'first world problems' - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Richard Berman

Americans apparently come in first place for taking our prosperity — and our food — for granted

FoodPolitik: Do we really need a 'Food Day'? - TheDC

Opinion | Richard Berman

Holiday that nearly died in 1970s is back with a vengeance

FoodPolitik: A fat tax for an obese bureaucracy - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Richard Berman

Mayor Bloomberg encourages UN to adopt strict, NYC-style food regulations to make healthy foods the ‘default’ option

World food prices nearing new record - Bloomberg

Business | InternAdmin

After falling for several months following their all-time record in February, food prices are surging again, stoking inflation fears

Chinese watermelon explosion - AP

World | interns

Fields of exploding watermelons in China prompt questions about famers’ use, and misuse, of chemicals

Representatives of 12 nations compete for the title of top embassy chef - TheDC

US | Melissa Benson

Diplomacy took a backseat to head-to-head cooking competition Tuesday night

Al Gore is half right on ethanol

Energy | Dave Juday

Gore has come out against corn ethanol, but he continues to support cellulosic ethanol. There’s a reason for that.

Vino Veritas: Americans drink more wine than the French - TIME

| Vince Coglianese

A new study ranks the U.S. as the top wine-consuming nation in the world

Farm subsidies face $30B hit under Ryan's budget plan - AP

Business | admin

Paul Ryan has proposed cutting agriculture subsidies by $30 billion over the next 10 years

Happy Meal critical lawmaker sneaks Big Macs - NYP

Politics | interns

‘I’m a fast-food aficionado. My typical lunch is getting something from Popeye’s or McDonald’s.’

Caffeine junkie? Blame it on your DNA - TheDC

| Alyssa Moody

A new study shows caffeine addiction is a genetic trait

FoodPolitik: Mark Bittman's food snobbery - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Richard Berman

The Bittman-inspired foodie movement’s goal is to encourage us all to roll back the clock on farming and food production, to a practically pre-Industrial Revolution framework