Number Of Food Stamp Recipients Drop After States Establish Work Requirements

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Electronic Benifits Transfer (EBT) cards are issued to eligable applicants who come to the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) processing center at the First Baptist Church gymnasium in Monks Corner, SC, on Nov. 17, 2015. USDA /FLICKR

‘There are talented people across our country who aren’t pursuing the full potential of their capabilities’

GAO: Growth in Food Stamp Recipients Overwhelms Anti-Fraud Efforts

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‘States will continue to have difficulty effectively combating fraud’

11 Surprising Things You Can Buy With Food Stamps

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Food Stamp Nutritional Assistance

Can’t afford pot? Not to worry

Senate rejects food stamp reforms - TheDC

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Dems shoot down Sen. Sessions’ Farm Bill amendments

Welfare reform plan aims to cap spending - TheDC

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GOP representatives introduce legislation that would cap welfare spending and introduce work requirements for many programs

Welfare cost for illegal immigrants: $1.6b in one county! - Fox News

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Benefits, combined with health care and public safety for illegal immigrants, costs taxpayers billions every year in America’s largest county

Universities encourage students to receive welfare, food stamps - TheDC

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Universities encouraging students to receive welfare benefits

Food Stamps are pretty easy to get - TheDC

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What you can buy with food stamps - TheDC

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Dems urge Congress to pass Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act - TheDC

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The childhood nutrition bill will establish nutrition standards for all foods sold during school hours, among other things

Stiletto Nation: A tale of two sisters

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What’s more important in life: luck or hard work?

New York wants to bar soda from food stamp use - NYT

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Mayor Bloomberg sought federal permission on Wednesday to bar New York City’s 1.7 million food stamp recipients from using them to buy soda

Food stamp scam - The Bangor Daily News

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Some beneficiaries of the taxpayer-funded federal assistance program are illegally turning food stamps into cold hard cash

Trimming the fat - The Hill

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Dems may use food stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama’s nutrition initiative

Teachers unions cash in at expense of food stamp recipients - TheDC

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The Senate last week passed their own version of the bill, which cuts $12 billion beginning in 2014 from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, or ‘food stamps, program to help make the measure deficit neutral

Food stamps take $14 billion hit - Politico

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Move attempt by Senate to curb national deficit

Boozin' on food stamps - VICE

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It never even crossed my mind that I could get food stamps. It also never crossed my mind that I could buy beer and cigarettes with them.