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DNC's Keith Ellison Thinks Work Requirements For Food Stamps Are Outrageous

US | Julia Nista
'This is the mentality of the people we're talking about'

Even New Immigrants With Degrees Are Swelling Welfare Rolls

US | David Krayden
Whereas in 2007, 6 percent of new immigrants relied on Medicaid, by 2017 that figure had risen to 17 percent...’

Food Stamp Recipients Drop Under Trump

US | John Wellington

Obama Admin. Opens The Internet To Food Stamp Purchases

Politics | Caroline May
'Online purchasing shows great promise to improve access to healthy food'

Adults In These 7 States Will Have To Work Again If They Want Food Stamps

US | Thomas Phippen
'No one who is able-bodied and able to work should be drawing food stamps, period'

Illegal Aliens Receive Food Stamp Preference Over Citizens In 44 States

US | Alex Pfeiffer
'you have proved how confused this situation can be'

Junk Food Stamps

Opinion | Chris Edwards
The food stamp program is one of the government’s biggest hypocrisies.

Feds Bring The Hammer Down On Convenience Store's $5.2M Food Stamp Swindler

Business | Connor D. Wolf

The Really Big Food Stamp Mistake That Cost Georgia Millions

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'Our goal is to actively seek to eliminate poor management practices, fraud, waste, and abuse'

The Big Way Jeb Bush Wants To Reform The Welfare System

Elections | Connor D. Wolf
'I know that giving states more flexibility will open the door for transformative ideas to eliminate poverty'

Congressman Warns Of Gross Food Stamp Balances In Ohio

US | Connor D. Wolf
'It raises a big question about oversight'

Scamming Food Stamps Is So Easy, One Woman Got $3.6 MILLION In 4 Years

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'Causey purchased the benefits at a discounted value of approximately fifty cents for every SNAP dollar'

Why The Planned Parenthood Debate Could Shut Off Food Stamps

Politics | Connor D. Wolf
'Then USDA will not have the funding necessary for SNAP benefits in October'

America Is A Nation Beset With Hunger, Insists Welfare Advocacy Group

US | Eric Owens
Is the solution more federal money? Always!

Should Indiana Add Work Requirements To Its SNAP Program? Nonprofits Say No.

Politics | Connor D. Wolf
'What kind of impact will that have on the food pantries'

Food Stamp Cheats Taken Down By Huge Federal Investigation

US | Connor D. Wolf
A multi-agency federal welfare fraud investigation in Alabama ended Wednesday with several simultaneous police raids.

Government Study: 40 Percent Of Americans On Food Stamps Are Obese

US | Chuck Ross
A big problem?

Reducing Government Dependency Is A Good Thing

Opinion | Kristina Ribali
Its time to end waivers for work-for-welfare arrangements.

One In Five US Children Now Rely On Food Stamps

Business | Reuters
Economy not recovering for everyone, apparently

Despite Laws, Colorado Welfare Recipients Getting Cash At Liquor Stores And Pot Shops

US | Greg Campbell
State reportedly knows about the violations, but hasn't enforced the law

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