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Report: U.S. will withhold most Egyptian military aid

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Some money may still flow

Egyptian military aid frozen?

Mideast Egypt

Senator says yes, White House denies

Aid De-Nile

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‘Too little, too late to be a game-changer’

Law requires Obama administration to cut off Egyptian aid

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Officials may avoid the word ‘coup’

Romney points to foreign aid as way to help allies, change Muslim world - TheDCNF

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'We don't want another Iraq, we don't want another Afghanistan'

Lindsey Graham defends Democrats from Rand Paul's foreign aid attacks - TheDCNF

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GOP senators clash on aid to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan

Rand Paul ads target Democratic senators over foreign aid - TheDCNF

Rand Paul

New commercials criticize Florida, West Virginia Democrats for Egypt, Libya and Pakistan aid votes

Why we should keep funding the President's Malaria Initiative

PMI is one of the most effective government programs in recent history.

Romney: 'American aid has been diverted to corrupt governments' - TheDC

Romney said ‘private enterprise’ is ‘having a greater effect’ on its own ‘in the developing world’

Senate overwhelmingly rejects foreign aid cuts for Egypt, Libya and Pakistan - TheDCNF

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Sen. Rand Paul was able to force a vote, but couldn’t get it close to passage

Senate to vote on Rand Paul's foreign aid cutoff - TheDCNF

Rand Paul

A filibuster pushed senators to consider bill ending assistance to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya

Conservatives turning against foreign aid amid Middle East unrest - TheDCNF

Rand Paul

Rand Paul has launched a one-man crusade to cut off foreign aid to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya

Obama: US aid depends on passage of jobs bill - AP

Clinton Global Initiative

Obama: US aid depends on economy’s ability to grow

A good return on investment

Ten years after the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, U.S. ties to East Africa are stronger than ever.

Foreign aid keeps America safe

Cutting foreign aid will have long-term national security and fiscal implications.

Lawmakers resist Obama's call to offer $2B in assistance to Egypt - FOX News

Obama Mideast

‘Two billion dollars, when everything is getting cut to the bone, is going to be difficult’

Island nation begs West for 'climate aid,' builds $500 million floating resort complex

The Maldives is the most cartoonish global warming rent-seeker of all.

Cut U.S. funding for Osama's mourners

Why are we giving $600 million a year to the Palestinian Authority?

Why Congress shouldn't slash foreign aid

Slashing foreign aid will hurt U.S. foreign policy, not tame the deficit.

UN says millions without help in Pakistan floods - AP

About a fifth of the country has been affected since the floods began three weeks ago