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Black Hawk Medical Helicopter Training Accident At Fort Hood Leaves One Dead

US | Jonah Bennett
Reflects a growing trend of training accidents

13 Fort Hood Soldiers Arrested For Trying To Solicit Prostitutes

US | Jonah Bennett
'Allegations such as these are taken seriously as they run counter to Army values'

SPLC Now Says Army Bases Are Confederate Monuments That Need To Come Down

Politics | Peter Hasson
'It's time to take them down'

CBS Excludes 9/11 From List Of Terror Attacks In US

US | Jack Crowe
False equivalency

Troops Can Now Concealed Carry In US, New Directive Stipulates

World | Saagar Enjeti
'ensure that our service men and women are allowed to defend themselves'

String Of Islamic Terror Attacks Punctuate Troubling Numbers Under Obama Admin

US | JP Carroll
Terrorism has killed over 130,000 since Obama took office

Ludacris To Perform Right Next To 80 Terrorist Suspects

US | Eric Lieberman
'Gitmo hasn't seen a star with as big a name as Ludacris in several years'

These Days, It's Easier For A Guy To Identify As A Woman Than As An Islamic Terrorist

Politics | Christopher Bedford
An identity crisis for identity politics

Texas Flood Kills Five Soldiers At Fort Hood, Four Still Missing

US | Russ Read
Four soldiers are still missing

FBI Admits Chattanooga Attack Was Terrorism, Victims To Receive Purple Hearts

US | Jonah Bennett
FBI investigated Chattanooga as terrorism from the start

7 Other Great Workplace Disputes In History

Satire | Blake Neff
'Workplace violence is Hell.' -William T. Sherman

Congress Moves To Allow Military Members To Bring Guns To Work After Chattanooga Shooting

US | Casey Harper
'These brave individuals must be empowered to defend themselves'

Victims Of Fort Hood Massacre Finally Receive Purple Heart

US | Jonah Bennett
'No words can resurrect those we lost or completely erase the scars'

'INDEFENSIBLE': Cruz Calls It 'Outrageous' That Fort Hood Victims Are Denied Benefits

Politics | Alex Griswold
'We need to acknowledge the heroism of these soldiers.'

Fort Hood Massacre Victims Will Receive The Purple Heart

US | Jonah Bennett
'It's an appropriate recognition'

Fort Hood Police Say No Shooting On Base

US | Christian Datoc
Crisis averted

Police, 'anti-gun' prosecutor clash with soldiers in area around Fort Hood [VIDEO]

Politics | Patrick Howley
The conflict reached a fever pitch when Texas police arrested an active-duty army sergeant last month

Ft. Hood survivors: 'Attack was not workplace violence'

US | Jessica Stanton
'That's not workplace violence, that's terrorism'

Lawmakers blast administration for calling Fort Hood massacre 'workplace violence'

Politics | Vince Coglianese
'Little Rock is a drive by and Fort Hood is just workplace violence. The truth is denied'

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