Dinesh D'Souza Sinks The Whole 'America Is A Nation Of Immigrants' Argument

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‘There is a critical difference…’

Tucker Pokes Fun At Media 'Hysteria' Over Enforcing Immigration Laws

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‘What is the argument?’

Gingrich Gets Asked What He Thinks Of Sec. Of State Pick. He Didn't Mince Words.

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‘Trump looked at a number of people…’

Sheriff David Clarke: BLM 'Don't Care About Black Lives' -- Only 'Political Power'

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‘This was an organized effort for the 2016 election to mobilize black votes.’

Karl Rove Breaks Out The White Board To Explain How Trump Can Win

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If he takes … he’s president of the United States’

Eric Trump: 'Doesn't Surprise Me' The DNC Is Spending $1 Million To Mock Trump At Convention

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‘This is going to be funny, come November 8, when we win this thing’

Meet The New Co-Host Of 'Fox & Friends'

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Meet Ainsley

TheDC on TV: Matthew Boyle discusses Senate Democrats' trip to Maui - TheDC

Video | Daily Caller Productions

Boyle talks about the peculiar circumstances of a business trip taken by Senate Indian Affairs Committee staffers

Trump claims he 'screwed' Gaddafi - TheDC

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Real estate mogul says he rented Libyan dictator property in New York and didn’t let him use it

Vampire takes on bank [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Patrick Rogers of Philadelphia seemingly takes a break from nocturnal prowling to take on Wells Fargo

Doocy, Hewitt castigate Politico, promote GOP boycott of debate co-sponsored with NBC - TheDC

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West coast conservative talker says Politico has fallen victim to the so-called ‘Beltway Drift’ causing them to have a left-leaning agenda

Fox News hosts: Did Olbermann get tired of losing to O'Reilly? - TheDC

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‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts Dave Briggs and Alisyn Camerota speculate on what caused the end of longtime MSNBC stint at the network

Fox News vs. Politico? Steve Doocy rips Politico as a 'left-wing blog' for misreporting Steele story - TheDC

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‘Fox & Friends’ host calls out Politico CEO Fred Ryan for incorrectly reporting RNC Chair Michael Steele would not seek reelection