Trump's Checkered Record on 'Life' And 'Property'

Politics | Matt K. Lewis

One out of three ain’t bad?

The Ratings Are In: Fox News Channel Won August

US | Steve Guest
Trump Turns Tables On Megyn Kelly: 'If You Don't Like It, Then I'm Sorry' (Fox News)

Thanks to Trump and the rest of the GOP field

Buzz Kill! Fox Will Silence Candidates With NBA Shot Clock

Politics | Vince Coglianese
Mike Huckabee tours the debate stage ahead of the first 2016 GOP primary debate. (Photo by Vince Coglianese/TheDC)

First GOP debate will feel even more like a sporting event

'Malcolm In the Middle' Star Leans Right

Entertainment | Heather Hunter

His politics are based on what is ‘better for the country’

Happy Birthday, Fox News! See The Anchors Who Made It Great [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

The most-watched network celebrates 18 years

Huh? Media Matters attacks Fox for allowing debate on plus-size Disney princesses

Politics | Vince Coglianese
Media Matters founder David Brock (YouTube Screen Grab)

For having a guest with an opinion

Chris Christie's defenders and the end of CNN

Politics | Morning Bro

Morning Bro weighs in on the governor

Expert: US-China standoff 'inevitably pushing the region' to war

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘Getting crazy dangerous’

Politico's 'Dukakis and the Tank' flashback writes Roger Ailes out of history

Politics | Vince Coglianese
Dukakis Tank Ad

No love for Roger’s ‘notepad’ moment

See who Maria Bartiromo is leaving CNBC for

Business | Jeff Poor
'Money Honey' to jump ship after 20-year stint at CNBC

Dr. Ben Carson joins Fox News

US | Jeff Poor

Former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon to make debut Wednesday night

Fox dominates, MSNBC struggles behind CNN in third-quarter ratings

Entertainment | Jeff Poor
Cable Third Quarter Ratings

Left-leaning MSNBC struggles despite primetime line-up shuffle

FOX, CNN see triple-digit jumps for Saturday Syria announcement; MSNBC falters

Politics | Jeff Poor

Cable news channel race tight during events surrounding Obama announcement

New Kurtz show on Fox News 'MediaBuzz' to debut Sept. 8

Politics | Jeff Poor
Howard Kurtz

Will go head-to-head with his former CNN program ‘Reliable Sources’

MSNBC hits 7-year low, lags behind Fox News, CNN

Politics | Jeff Poor

Fox News continues to dominate cable news ratings

Sarah Palin back at Fox News

Politics | Jeff Poor
TV Fox News Palin

Former vice-presidential candidate rejoins cable news channel

Fox reporter Herridge reveals NSA abuses, reasons not to trust congressional oversight

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘There are several cases that show the abuse of the system’

Jim McDermott, Megyn Kelly have heated exchange over tea party-IRS hearing

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘You are putting words in my mouth. Stop it’

Bret Baier: Justice Department targeted James Rosen's parents as well

Politics | Jeff Poor
'Special Report' reveals details in panel discussion portion of Tuesday night's program