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What Juan Williams Said About The Tea Party And Race That Has Everyone Talking

‘It reminds me that the Republican Party has become almost a completely white party’

Look Which Sunday Show Topped 'Meet The Press' In DC

Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday

Rumors of David Gregory’s demise may have hastened his decline

Top Kerry Aide Tries To Squash Claim Of Anti-Fox Bias By Lying To The Daily Caller

‘Apologies for foisting inaccurate figures on you’

Rare Ratings Win For 'Fox News Sunday' Among DC Viewers

Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday

Sunday show pulls most viewers from nation’s capital in seven years

DC viewers choose 'Fox News Sunday' over NBC's 'Meet the Press'

Chris Wallace Interviews U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia On 'Fox News Sunday'

Defeat the ‘Press’

'A Government That Can Run Amok'

‘The government controlling us instead of us controlling the government’

L.A. mayor: Current GOP platform looks like retread from 1812 - TheDC

Antonio Villaraigosa: ‘The 2012 platform — it looks like it is from another century and maybe even two’

After avoiding Sunday shows, Romney to appear on Fox News Sunday - TheDC

Campaign Florida.JPEG

Former national front-runner the last GOP candidate to appear on Sunday morning political talk TV

Chris Wallace: Newt Gingrich's anti-media posture is 'sad' - TheDC

‘Fox News Sunday’ host chides former Speaker of the House for taking the fight to the press

Bachmann takes Sunday talk-show victory lap after Ames Straw Poll win - TheDC

Bachmann: ‘I know I can win’

Hume to House GOP on debt ceiling: Take what you can get, 'plenty of more bites at this apple' - TheDC


Fox News senior political analyst warns GOP could face the blame for a government shutdown despite being the only party to offer a formal plan

Punch line - TheDC

‘Fox News Sunday’ host responds to criticism over his week-old interview with Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ host

Hume: If the election were held today, Obama 'might lose big' - TheDC

However, Fox News senior political contributor warns GOP might lose ‘if they nominate some extremely colorful freakish candidate’

Brit Hume's playbook for easy Obama reelection: Bipartisan entitlement reform - TheDC

‘Fox News Sunday’ panelist explains his strategy to make Obama bulletproof for the 2012 election

Chris Wallace takes on the White House for denying 'Fox News Sunday' cabinet members - TheDC

Moderator of Fox News Channel Sunday public affairs show complains White House is playing favorites with rivals by not offering cabinet members for his program, but doing so for others

Bill Kristol: Obama administration's response to Libya 'humiliating' - TheDC

‘How can you stand up as President of the United States and say that Gaddafi must go, and then do nothing about it?’

Chris Wallace to Obama on Libya: Stop saying 'unacceptable' if you're not going to do anything about it - TheDC

‘Fox News Sunday’ host explains ‘unacceptable’ would be appropriate if the president were not going to accept the Libyan situation, and such action-less rhetoric makes him look ‘impotent’

O'Reilly: 'Boehner has to get his emotions under control' - TheDC

Bill O’Reilly revisits the peculiarity of Speaker of the House John Boehner’s crying tendencies

Obama may address broad tax reform, including lower corporate rate, in SOTU - TheDC

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell says President Obama will come out in support of a lower corporate tax rate in his State of the Union address

House GOP sets date for Obamacare repeal vote - TheDC

Rep. King: ‘The public will need to turn up the pressure substantially on the Senate’