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Desperate Democrats continue to promote third-party candidates - TheDC

In Maryland’s 1st district, a mailer paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, featured Libertarian candidate

For House Dems, politics trumps loyalty - AP

Grasping to keep control of Congress, Democratic leaders are turning their backs on some of their staunchest supporters

TARP claims by House Dems not adding up - TheDC

5 Democratic representatives run ads touting votes against TARP, despite not being in office at the time

Congressional Dems' note to self: Avoid voters - Michael Steele

Nancy Pelosi promised us ‘the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history.’ Come on, Congressional Democrats, come out from under your desk, schedule some wide-open town halls, face the voters and defend your “record.” Don’t be afraid; voters don’t bite – at least not until November

Dems to skip town hall meetings with voters - NYT

Following the raucous events last summer, Democrats are attempting to avoid constituent anger by not holding public town hall

Earmarked for success

House Republicans took an important first step by acknowledging there’s a problem and promising a one-year earmark moratorium. This is their opportunity to show the American people there is a real difference between the parties and that Republicans take citizens’ spending concerns to heart

Who are the swing votes for ObamaCare?

One thing is for sure, things are moving at warp speed. This column may have a short shelf life.

Dems resort to Plan Z - The Daily Caller

Dems may have solution to one health-care obstacle, but path forward remains rocky