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Canadians wasted over $1 billion just waiting for health care

Canadian fans react as they hold Canada flags during the men's quarter-finals ice hockey game between Canada and Latvia at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Inefficient, eh?

Report: Tens of thousands fled socialized Canadian medicine in 2013

A sign directing trucks to Canada on the Ambassador bridge is seen along Jefferson avenue in Detroit, Michigan
'Speaks volumes about how well the system is working for them'

See where the US ranks in economic freedom worldwide

Statue of Liberty Reopening.JPEG

A steep loss of American freedom since 2000

The lost decade of economic freedom

Since 2000, the US has fallen from 3rd in the Fraser Institute’s index of economic freedom to 18th.

US drops to 18th most economically free country - TheDCNF

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Arab, eastern European countries pass the US