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Syrian Rebels Are Fighting Assad With A Trebuchet That Launches Flaming Projectiles

Video | Liam Clancy
New definition of 'going Medieval'

REPORT: Advanced US Weapons For Syrian Rebels Wound Up In ISIS Control

World | Will Racke
'Difficult to exert effective control'

Al-Qaida Affiliate Gets Off Terrorist List By Changing Name

National Security | David Krayden
It's not a new strategy for the jihadists

More Than Half Of 126 Killed In Syria Bus Bombing Were Children, Group Says

World | Will Racke
The deadliest attack in nearly a year

Syrian Rebels Shell Assad, Putin With A Cannon

Video | Saagar Enjeti
cannon ball can be seen arcing

ISIS To Be Cut Off From Rest Of The World 'Within Hours' As Turkish-Backed Rebels Close In

World | Russ Read
'It will be a few hours, and then Isis will be cut off from the rest of the world'

Obama's Failure In Syria Allows Terror Groups To Hijack The Opposition

World | Russ Read
'The West, especially America, lied to us'

ISIS Capable Of Refurbishing Heat-Seeking Missiles Thought To Be Worthless

World | Jonah Bennett
'So I would say it's an intel gold mine'

McCain Slams Obama On Syrian Strategy

World | Neal Earley
'This is a testimony to the lack of concern that Russia has to about America’s reaction to their actions'

Moderates In Syria Defeated: Major Blow To Obama

Video | Ben Smith
Idlib was the last stronghold of the moderates in the north.

How The 'Moderate' Syrian Opposition Got More Radical, More Violent, And Less Effective

Opinion | Abdo Roumani
At one time, there were Kurds calling for unity and Salafists for secular government. Not anymore.

Shame On Congress: America Should Be Arming The Kurds, Not ISIS-Aligned Syrian Rebels

Opinion | Maxwel D. Terzano
Rebel forces have signed a non-aggression pact with the Islamic State.

Pentagon Official: What It Will Take To Eliminate ISIS

Opinion | Joseph Miller
It isn't what the president says

Petraeus: Fighting ISIS In Iraq Is 'Doable' But Could Be A Nightmare In Syria

Video | Greg Campbell
Syrian confrontation requires an army, 'and the FSA isn't an army'

Pentagon Official: Obama's ISIS Strategy Is Doomed To Fail

Opinion | Joseph Miller
Syria, Iraq and Fantasy Land

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