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White House: US agriculture sector 'particularly reliant on foreign-born workers'

Food and Farm Locally Grown

‘Agricultural producers cite difficulty in locating qualified available authorized workers’

Grassley: Rubio's work on immigration does not destroy his 2016 prospects

Marco Rubio

‘It may influence some people right now, but right now is not 2016′

Immigration officials urge Americans to oppose Senate's immigration bill

Immigration rally

‘The legislation was guided from the beginning by anti-enforcement special interests’

Bachmann: Boehner will use 'loophole' to pass immigration in the House

Says House Speaker will circumvent 'Hastert Rule' in conference committee process

Senate plows ahead on immigration while border security debate rages

Immigration Marco Rubio

Concerns remain among Republicans that the bill falls short on securing the border first

Over 150 conservative leaders, groups sign letter opposing Gang of 8 bill

Gang of 8. Photo: AFP Getty Images/Saul Loeb

‘The overall package is so unsatisfactory that the Senate would do better to start over’

Graham says immigration bill delayed by union vs. business fight

Lindsey Graham

Grahams’ forecast sharply contrasts with more optimistic Dem outlook