gang of eight

DON'T BE THE GANG OF EIGHT: Here Is How Congress Can Finally Pass Immigration Reform

op-ed | Cesar Conda
Fixing DACA is President Trump's opportunity to cement his legacy

Rubio Rips Jeb -- 'I'm Not Interested In Impressing People' Denying Trump's Presidency

Politics | David Krayden

FACT CHECK: WaPo Claims 'Gang Of Eight' Immigration Bill Would Have Decreased Legal Immigration

Politics | Emily Larsen
'Flatly untrue'

Top Lawmakers Want To Know Why They Were Never Briefed On Trump Investigation

Politics | Kerry Picket

Poll: By Large Margins, Voters Support A Pathway To Legal Status For Illegal Immigrants

Politics | Eric Owens
Trump is reportedly considering a comprehensive immigration reform package

Graham Wants To Bring Back Gang Of 8 To Codify Obama's Executive Orders

Politics | Kerry Picket
'if you don't think that's the right thing, then I think you've lost your way as a human being'

Sen. Sessions: Trump And Cruz Pass On Immigration, Questions Remain About Rubio

Elections | Steve Guest
Rubio's 'Gang of Eight' would have legalized 11 million illegal immigrants

Rush: Gang Of Eight 'Whittled' Rubio's Political Future 'Down To Nothing'

Elections | Christian Datoc
'It wasn't so long ago Rubio was literally considered the next Ronald Reagan'

What Will It Take To Fix The Border?

Opinion | John M. Ellis
Proposing to erect a wall while also keeping incentives to cross it in place is self-contradictory nonsense.

IRONY: Rubio Has Been Tougher On Illegal Immigration Than Trump

Opinion | Eric Owens
Trump has supported amnesty

Boehner Promises No Amnesty Bill This Year

Politics | Neil Munro
Is trust enough?

Obama's pollster: One in eight voters back amnesty

US | Neil Munro
12 percent strongly back an amnesty, while 38 percent strongly oppose

This is how many new voters the Senate immigration bill will allow into the US

US | Neil Munro
Reform would ensure 10 million new-immigrant citizens by 2024, says report

Read the chances McCain is giving the Gang of 8's bill now

Politics | Alexis Levinson
McCain and Flake took on reporters Tuesday

Steve King on why Republicans are supporting Senate's immigration bill

Politics | Alexis Levinson
'Last year, almost everybody in my conference would have agreed with me on this immigration issue'

White House endorses GOP piecemeal immigration plan

Politics | Neil Munro
'The outcome has to be comprehensive immigration reform... How we get from here to there in the House is an open question'

What's missing in the immigration debate: American wages

Opinion | Sen. Jeff Sessions
GOP special interests calling for amnesty are driven by costs, not compassion

Border security fallacies and immigration reform

Opinion | Alvaro Vargas Llosa
None of the border security measures being contemplated would have prevented recent terror attacks.

Defining the terms of the immigration debate

Opinion | Steve King
Amnesty would be a death blow to the rule of law in America.

Free market groups providing real answers to the nation's immigration problems

Opinion | David Bier
If you're worried about the safety net, insulate it, don't close the border.

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