Immigration And Islamists

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Syrian refugees (Getty Images)

Common sense is not bigotry. It is time we act on it.

Terrorism Is Not The Enemy

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Muslims hold placards as they march towards the U.S. embassy in London May 6, 2011. On the frontline of the war against terrorism -- and Britain is undoubtedly a frontline -- private initiatives hint at the failure of state-sponsored efforts to counter jihad. Almost six years on from a massive coordinated terror attack on London's transport system, the main nationwide programme to deter young men from extremism still hasn't moved past mistrust and suspicion. Picture taken May 6, 2011. To match Special Report BRITAIN-MUSLIMS/RADICALS REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

The political establishment of Europe and the United States needs to come to this realization.

The Left's Hypocritical Embrace Of Conscience Rights

Opinion | Gary Bauer

Liberals decline to serve for political reasons. So why can’t Christians decline to provide birth control?

What Will The New Year Bring For Persecuted Christians?

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Iraqi Christians attend a mass on Christmas eve at the Mar Shemoni church in the town of Bartella east of Mosul.

We need to acknowledge the hatred in the hearts of Islamic supremacists.

Immigration As A Weapon

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Abdul Razak Artan, a third-year student in logistics management, sits on the Oval in an August 2016 photo provided by The Lantern, student newspaper of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. on November 28, 2016. Courtesy of Kevin Stankiewicz for The Lantern/Handout via REUTERS

It is well past time for our elected leaders to confront this reality.

The NFL's Circus Of Political Correctness

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Colin Kaepernick #7 and Eric Reid #35 of the San Francisco 49ers kneel in protest during the national anthem prior to playing the Los Angeles Rams in their NFL game at Levi's Stadium on September 12, 2016 in Santa Clara, California

The NFL’s Circus Of Political Correctness

Olympic Coverage Puts Identity Politics Over Performance

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Gold medalist Katie Ledecky of the United States poses on the podium during the medal ceremony for the Women's 200m Freestyle Final on Day 4 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on August 9, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For some journalists and left-wing activists, the Olympics are about identity politics — so long as it’s an identity they approve of or want to promote.

Reports Of The Iran Nuclear Deal's Success Are Greatly Exaggerated

Opinion | Gary Bauer

The nuclear deal was crafted to check Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but it may end up doing the opposite.

Liberty Can't Survive Without Belief In Its Author

Opinion | Gary Bauer

I’ll be clear about this: The creator the founders were referencing is the God of the Torah and New Testament.

Pro-Life Leaders Blast Carson For Belittling Terry Schiavo

Washington Confidential | Evan Gahr
Carson: Trump Didn't Call Me A Child Molester, 'People In The Press' Twisted His Words (screenshot: CNN)

But others say nada

Republicans Aren't Imploding -- They're Thriving

Opinion | Gary Bauer

In fact, I would argue that the failure of leadership in both parties created Trump and the other outsiders

CUFI Christians Mobilize For Battle On Iran Deal

Opinion | Edwin Black

‘Everything about the briefing made it clear that the CUFI Action Fund will go where AIPAC does not’

Dont Use The Duggar Scandal To Bash Traditional Beliefs

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Josh Duggar sued by stripper. (Photo: Reuters)

There’s little evidence that conservative views on family and sexuality are to blame for Josh Duggar’s actions.

Obama Mounts His High Horse Over 'Less Than Loving Expressions,' Ignores Anti-Christian Violence

Opinion | Gary Bauer

It is becoming increasingly clear that Obama believes he also has a corresponding duty to tear down Christianity whenever possible.

The GOP's Unforced Error On Abortion

Opinion | Gary Bauer

Victory goes to the party willing to do what it takes. Democrats do, Republicans don’t.

R.I.P, 'War On Women'

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Texas Sen. Wendy Davis sits at her desk. Erich Schlegel/Getty Images.

The real war is against the unborn, and increasingly, voters’ credulity.

The Other Women In The 'War On Women'

Opinion | Gary Bauer

Female voters aren’t as persuaded by Democrat abortion demagoguery as they think.

Reagan Conservatism, Not Leave-Us-Alone Libertarianism, Remains The GOP's Best Bet

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan speaks at a rally for Senator Durenberger February 8, 1982. (Photo: Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images)

A political philosophy based on extreme self-interest can’t win.

Quit Saying 'Our Soldiers Died In Vain'

Opinion | Gary Bauer

Even if the Iraq or Afghanistan wars weren’t worth it, our service members’ sacrifices are meaningful.

Political Violence And Media Malpractice

Opinion | Gary Bauer

Is the far-right really more violent than the far-left?