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Chris Hayes Slaps Dem Senator With Some Truth: Trump Is Going To Roll You

Politics | Nick Givas
'He is just going roll you again in three weeks'

Two Politicians Have Formed First-Ever Senate Motorcycle Gang

US | Thomas Phippen
Hogs are taking over the Senate

Report: Marine Corps To Determine If Charges Will Be Made Over Muslim Recruit's Death

US | Jonah Bennett
'I do know the Marine Corps has treated this with the seriousness that it deserves'

Republicans And Democrats Actually Agree On This, And They're Fighting The Military

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'F-15s, F-16s, and B-1s cannot replicate the CAS capabilities of the A-10'

Terri Lynn Land Ends Campaign In Detroit

Politics | Patrick Howley
In the largest building in a dying city

LAND DEMANDS APOLOGY: Paper Accuses Republican of 'Blackmail'

Politics | Patrick Howley
Gaslight in Michigan

Suddenly Gary Peters Doesn't Want To Debate His GOP Senate Opponent [UPDATE]

Politics | Patrick Howley
'Both camps said they would go back to their people'

Gary Peters Tells Black People One Thing, White Folks Another

Politics | Patrick Howley
Different show for different crowds

NEW REVELATIONS: Democrat's Investments Reveal Hypocrisy

Politics | Patrick Howley
Gary Peters under fire in Michigan

Democrat Won't Sell Stock in Thing He Called 'Dirtier Than The Dirtiest'

Politics | Patrick Howley
Pretty blatant

GOP's Terri Lynn Land mocks 'war on women' line

Politics | Matt K. Lewis

Woman with cancer hits back at Harry Reid, Dems who called her a liar

Politics | Christopher Bedford
'Cancer is hard enough'

This Democratic Senate wannabe just picked a fight with a mother who has cancer

Opinion | Christopher Bedford
Big guns, Gary Peters, big guns

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