gas prices

FACT CHECK: Is Trump To Blame For $3 A Gallon Gas?

Politics | David Sivak
'Oil prices are influenced by countless variables'

Vancouver Gas Prices Nearing $8 A Gallon -- Here's Why

Energy | David Krayden
‘We're into uncharted territory here and extremely expensive for pretty much everyone.’

Congress Fights For Higher Gas Prices

op-ed | David Williams
America’s manufacturing sector has struggled for far too long.

Gas Prices Versus Tax Cuts: How Trump Can Protect His Signature Achievement

op-ed | Ken Blackwell
Fuel economy standards can thwart the whims of foreign powers at OPEC

Air Fares Unlikely To Fall Alongside Oil Prices, Experts Say

Business | Reuters
'Ticket prices are market-driven not cost-driven'

Get Pumped! Gas Drops Below 2 Bucks A Gallon

Business | Scott Cook

Optimism For 2015

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
America is better than it has shown.

Memorial Day Travel: American Families Pay at the Pump

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
Gas prices are still persistently high, but alternative fuel options are growing.

Gas prices over $3 in every state in the country

Daily Caller News Foundation | Breanna Deutsch
Are Obama's energy policies working?

How much is your gas, relatively?

Business | Bloomberg Businessweek
A Bloomberg study shows how much each country pays at the pump

Report: U.S. households spend record amount on gas in 2012

US | Michael Bastasch
Gas prices in the last two years have outpaced the growth in household income

Gas prices are falling, but this year saw record high prices

US | Michael Bastasch
Average price was $3.63 a gallon

'Gas Can Man' pays for Ohioans at the pump

US | Zachary Snider
Organizations campaign in Ohio for energy independence

Remember how oil prices threatened the recovery? Look at them now

Business | InternAdmin
After a soaring rally that took off toward the end of 2011, crude oil prices began to slide in March and finally collapsed in May, falling more than 17% both in the U.S. and internationally. The rout is set to con

Interior Secretary: 'Not even Harry Potter' can lower gas prices

| Nicholas Ballasy
Salazar says 'everybody' knows free market determines the price of oil

Obama reframes gas prices as GOP problem

Energy | Neil Munro
Republicans call Obama press conference calling for more regulation another 'gimmick'

US futures up as business spends on durable goods

Business | admin
The report comes a day after a consumer confidence index showed Americans are resilient despite skyrocketing gas prices

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