Congress Fights For Higher Gas Prices

op-ed | David Williams
Grey car at gas station being filled with fuel. (Shutterstock)

America’s manufacturing sector has struggled for far too long.

Gas Prices Versus Tax Cuts: How Trump Can Protect His Signature Achievement

op-ed | Ken Blackwell
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Fuel economy standards can thwart the whims of foreign powers at OPEC

Air Fares Unlikely To Fall Alongside Oil Prices, Experts Say

Business | Reuters
An American Airlines airplane takes off from Heathrow airport in London

‘Ticket prices are market-driven not cost-driven’

Get Pumped! Gas Drops Below 2 Bucks A Gallon

Business | Scott Cook


Optimism For 2015

Opinion | Larry Kudlow

America is better than it has shown.

Memorial Day Travel: American Families Pay at the Pump

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

Gas prices are still persistently high, but alternative fuel options are growing.

Gas prices over $3 in every state in the country

Daily Caller News Foundation | Breanna Deutsch

Are Obama’s energy policies working?

How much is your gas, relatively?

Business | Bloomberg Businessweek

A Bloomberg study shows how much each country pays at the pump

Report: U.S. households spend record amount on gas in 2012

US | Michael Bastasch

Gas prices in the last two years have outpaced the growth in household income

Gas prices are falling, but this year saw record high prices - TheDCNF

US | Michael Bastasch
Gas Prices

Average price was $3.63 a gallon

'Gas Can Man' pays for Ohioans at the pump

US | Zachary Snider

Organizations campaign in Ohio for energy independence

Remember how oil prices threatened the recovery? Look at them now - Forbes

Business | InternAdmin

After a soaring rally that took off toward the end of 2011, crude oil prices began to slide in March and finally collapsed in May, falling more than 17% both in the U.S. and internationally. The rout is set to con

Interior Secretary: 'Not even Harry Potter' can lower gas prices - TheDC

| Nicholas Ballasy

Salazar says ‘everybody’ knows free market determines the price of oil

Obama reframes gas prices as GOP problem - TheDC

Energy | Neil Munro

Republicans call Obama press conference calling for more regulation another ‘gimmick’

There Obama goes again

Energy | Larry Kudlow

He hates fossil fuel, and he hates success.

US futures up as business spends on durable goods - AP

Business | admin

The report comes a day after a consumer confidence index showed Americans are resilient despite skyrocketing gas prices

Why everything wants more power

op-ed | Adrian Bejan & J. Peder Zane

To understand why gas prices are rising, you need to understand a physics concept called the Constructal Law.

What we can do about energy prices

Energy | David Holt

It’s hard to see how approving projects like the Keystone XL pipeline wouldn’t decrease our exposure to global price shocks and speculation.

Gas prices and the expectations game

Energy | Logan Albright

How President Obama influences gas prices.

The real reasons for high gas prices

Opinion | Thomas Pyle

Monetary policy, geopolitical turmoil and EPA regulations, along with other factors, are driving up prices at the pump.