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Mike Lee Would Send Highway Funds To The States

States would have new discretion over transportation spending

Time Rapidly Running Out For Highway Trust Fund

San Bernardino Associated Governments handout photo shows construction crew continuing to clear the scene in the aftermath of a fire and subsequent collapse of a highway overpass that closed the Interstate-15 near the high desert community of Hesperia

Obama: ‘So far House Republicans have refused to act’

Senators Want To Hike Gas Tax To Save Bankrupt Highway Trust Fund

Automobile traffic backs-up as it travels north from San Diego to Los Angeless along Interstate Highway 5 in California

‘Let states fund their own infrastructure needs’

States turn against electric cars as gas tax revenues fall

A Tesla model S is displayed at Frankfurt Motor Show

Unintended consequences

Maryland transportation plan could cost drivers more at the pump - TheDCNF


‘This bill puts the gas tax on autopilot, and it locks us out of the cockpit’

Va. governor considers doing away with state gas tax - TheDCNF

Bob McDonnell

The sales tax would be raised by 0.8 percent under Gov. Bob McDonnell’s plan

ATR president won't oppose gas tax extension - Bloomberg

Grover Norquist

Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist says bill wouldn’t violate pledge not to raise rates

Can higher taxes reduce the deficit? - TheDC

Economists cast doubt on various tax ‘solutions’ to fix budget woes

Men with a plan - TheDC

Debt reduction proposal angers left, gets noncommittal White House response

Dems use oil spill as excuse to raise energy taxes

Although these bills are broadly referred to as “spill bills,” they are simply the latest iterations of the Democratic Party’s disdain for America’s energy producers

Kerry-Lieberman bill generates power for government, special interests

With giveaways to big business and other industries that helped write this monstrosity, the only way this bill can pass is by once again ignoring regular order and taking it straight to the floor of the Senate so that the American people will not have time to weigh in their opposition with their senators