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OPINION: I Have A Dream! But This Time It's About Gay Wedding Cakes

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
The gay wedding cake caper is only the most recent example of our majestic "civil rights"

The Feminist Shirt Has The Internet Going Wild

US | Jena Greene
People are angry...

Liberals Angry After Gay Couple Denied Ability To Be Named Prom 'King And King'

Education | Derek Hunter

Joss Whedon: Don't Let Trump Turn America Into A Muslim Country

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Milo Visits Memories Pizza

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

On 'Gay Rights,' The Opposing Views Are Not Equally Valid

Opinion | Alan Keyes
Can the question of moral equivalence be addressed without dealing with the question, 'What is the standard for judgement?'

Gay Rights Group Lauds Obama Administration For Making Its Anti-Christian Witch Hunts Easier

Education | Eric Owens
'We believe that religious liberty is a bedrock principle of our nation. HOWEVER...'

Gay Activists Trying To Punish Houston For Exercising Its Right To Vote

Opinion | Scott Greer
The Super Bowl should stay there

Gay Marriage: A Victory For 'Radical' Libertarians

Opinion | Trevor Burrus
The country, like President Obama, has mostly “evolved” on gay rights.

Now Protesters Insist That A Catholic School Must HIRE A Gay Teacher

Education | Eric Owens
'This is not just about someone getting rejected. This is about love'

Don't Believe The Self-Described 'Children Of Gays'

Opinion | David Lampo
That a gay man like Mr. Lopez would make this his very own cause celebre is a very sad thing indeed.

Indiana's New Seinfeld Law Is About Nothing. So Why The Boycott?

Opinion | David Benkof
Hoosier State's new religious freedom policy is already in effect nationwide

Mormons Help Red State Ban Discrimination Against Gays

Politics | Evan Wilt
'An opportunity to lessen the divisiveness in our communities'

White House National Security Strategy: Gays, Climate Change

Politics | Patrick Howley
'LGBT' makes an appearance

Firefighters' Suit Tossed Out After Being Forced To Participate In Gay Parade

US | Jonah Bennett
Were their religious rights violated?

Egypt Cracks Down On Gays

World | Ivan Plis
Sketchy journalist fuels moral panic

Duke Would Like To Know If You're Gay

Education | Blake Neff
'I believe that the absence of this sort of check box ultimately serves as a double standard'

Gay Bar Found Guilty Of DISCRIMINATION For Turning Away Gay Dude

US | Eric Owens
Colorado addresses the rights of crossdressers who want to go to gay bars

Gay Group Urges Loosening Of School Internet Filters

Education | Blake Neff
'For LGBT people living in rural areas, the Internet is... vital'

Now Gay Activists Are Whining About A Campus Building Named After Heroic Anti-Communist

Education | Eric Owens
It's just like 'Hitler Hall' and may cause suicides

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