gaza strip

Israel Blames Hamas For Explosive Attacks, Strikes Back With Airstrikes

World | Hanna Bogorowski
'The Hamas terror organization is accountable for all violence'

Calm Returns To Gaza As Hamas And Israel Observe Fragile Ceasefire

World | Will Racke
'A lot of mediation'

Israel Responds To Hamas Mortar Barrage With Airstrikes In Gaza Strip

World | Will Racke
'Acts of terrorism'

Hamas Uses Human Shields And The Washington Post

op-ed | Sean Durns
Israel is too often unfairly singled out for opprobrium in a way that Hamas simply is not

Israel Strikes Hamas Targets In Response To Rocket Attack

World | Russ Read
Israel hit three Hamas targets in response to a rocket attack

Christian Aid Group Charged With Funding Hamas' Terrorist Activities Against Israel

World | Russ Read
'This wasn’t a plot by one person. This was no trivial event but rather an organized plan secretly run by Hamas leadership'

Hamas Is Stealing Pretty Much All The Cement Humanitarian Groups Are Sending Gaza

World | Russ Read
Foreign ministry says Hamas is preparing for another attack

Israel And Gaza Clash Right After New Defense Minister Takes Power

World | Russ Read
Four rockets fired into Israeli territory

Did Israel Just Get Involved In The Syrian Civil War?

World | Russ Read
Three Israeli missiles reported to have hit targets in Syria

Ambassador On Nuke Deal: 'When Israelis And Arabs Are On The Same Page... Pay Attention'

World | Erica Wenig
'When Israelis and Arabs are on the same page, people should pay attention'

IDF Soldier Deployed In Gaza Answers Questions On Reddit

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'Right now everybody needs to mind their own f***ing business'

Video Shows Hamas Militants Using Tunnels To Attack Israeli Post

Video | Giuseppe Macri
First-person perspective of successful ambush

Christians Sheltering Muslims Fleeing Israeli Bombings

World | Tristyn Bloom
'This is the duty of the church'

MSNBC nearly ignores Gaza-Israel crisis in primetime

World | Jeff Poor
Liberal network spends only 15 minutes on the crisis in primetime

Sharon's son calls Netanyahu a 'coward,' 'subversive' in new book

World | Jamie Weinstein
Says public battle over Gaza withdrawal showed the 'true manifestation of Netanyahu’s character'

First five-star hotel opens in Gaza

World | admin
The tourists whom developers expected to flood to Gaza when they launched the project 13 years ago are nowhere to be seen

Egypt opens Gaza border crossing for good

World | Laura Donovan
Egypt lifts a 4-year-old blockade of the Gaza Strip, dramatically easing travel restrictions

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