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General Electric to investors: Obamacare is hurting our medical business

GE Chairman and CEO Immellt makes remarks at National Governors Assoc Winter Meetings in Washington

‘Hospitals and clinics appear to be delaying purchases’

GE partners with AT&T, Cisco, Intel for 'Industrial Internet'

Earns General Electric.JPEG

The service helps customers analyze industrial ‘big data’- data so large that it is difficult to process using traditional database and software.

Century-old light bulb from Ohio site still works - The Associated Press

Light bulb

General Electric unearthed a time capsule carrying the 40-watt light bulb

General Electric faces FBI probe over subprime mortgage subsidiary - TheDCNF

Housing Starts

In the continuing fallout from the 2008 mortgage crisis, the FBI is investigating General Electric’s former subprime mortgage lender, WMC Mortgage Corp., over what former employees have described as “falsified paperwork, overstated borrowers’ income and other tactics to push through questionable loans,” iWatch reports. “It’s mostly about: Did they knowingly sell mortgages into the secondary [...]

GE paid $2.67 billion, not zero, in 2010 income taxes - TheDC

Earns General Electric

NY Times falsely reported in March 2011 that largest U.S. corporation paid no income taxes

Reid won't compare Romney's 14 percent tax rate to GE's zero percent [VIDEO] - TheDC

Led by Obama jobs council chief, General Electric paid no tax on $14 billion profit

MetLife to sell retail deposits to GE Capital - AP


GE Capital Financial will acquire $7.5 billion in deposit

Chinese dragon flies in on wind power - Bloomberg

Kansas Wind Power

‘Armed with at least $15.5 billion in state-backed credit, China’s biggest windmill makers Sinovel Wind Group Co. and Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co. won their first major foreign orders in the past year’

Stocks most heavily dependent on government spending - BI

Wall Street.JPEG

These stocks rely deeply on government spending

Sarah Palin: General Electric is 'poster child' of 'crony capitalism' - TheDC

Joins rising chorus of Republican leaders criticizing corporate welfare

GE moving top X-ray executives to China - WSJ


Says move won’t cause any job losses in previous base, Wisconsin

Tea Party to take angst to GE shareholder meeting - TheDC

Tea Party activists will be rallying to demand the firing of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt before the company’s shareholder meeting Wednesday

Cut trillions, not billions, Mr. President

Will Obama rise to the occasion or merely kick the can down the road?

'Stakeholder capitalism' isn't capitalism

There is no “third way” between free market capitalism and socialism.

Republicans question Obamacare’s $5 billion early retiree ‘slush fund’ - TheDC

Republicans allege the administration is passing out $5 billion in taxpayer money to labor unions and companies it favors

GE's Reagan Revisionism

The company that fired Reagan for speaking out against big government is celebrating the seminal speech in which he does the same.

What Obama's State of the Union speech has in common with Taco Bell

There’s no meat in Obama’s taco.

Conservative orgs move to have GE CEO fired following White House appointment - TheDC

Conservative organizations begin effort to fire GE CEO Jeffery Immelt, rally Tea Partiers to boycott the company

GE's Immelt on the hot seat

Can Obama’s new advisor shine a light on corporate tax cuts?

Chamber of Commerce President: Immelt appointment 'promising' - TheDC

President Obama’s selection of General Electric’s CEO to head new economic council welcome by some, but criticized by others