GSA awards $1 million in bonuses while under investigation - BW

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GSA Inspector General Brian Miller, left, and GSA Deputy Administrator Susan Brita, confer on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, April 17, 2012, while testifying before the House Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management subcommittee hearing of an excessive conference at a Las Vegas resort by General Services Administration officials in 2010. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Senator McCaskill’s office reports that employees received an average of eight bonuses

Romney says Attorney General Holder should quit - AP

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Eric Holder

Eric Holder has misled Congress and has ‘brought shame’ on the Justice Department through his handling of Operation Fast and Furious

Egypt protesters mass for demonstrations - AP

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Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak says he is transferring power to his vice president, Omar Suleiman, but will not leave the country

Philly ex-con makes homemade jail to deter others - AP

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The former inmate preaches a gospel of nonviolence from a homemade, outdoor jail cell in Philadelphia

Snow-buried states brace for another round - AP

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Schools close as blizzard moves in on South and Midwest states

Petraeus predicts intensified fighting in 2011 from desperate Taliban - AP

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‘They have to fight back, they’re losing momentum that’s quite clear’

With Mubarak ouster elusive, protesters fear revenge - AP

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Protesters are increasingly uneasy that Mubarak or leaders he has chosen may manage to hang on to power

Lohan to be charged with grand theft over necklace - AP

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The actress is being charged for the theft of a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store last month

Egypt: Mubarak forms reform committees - AP

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Mubarak: Egyptians ‘should not be detained, harassed or denied their freedom of expression’

Lawyers for Jackson doctor have date in LA court - AP

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Hearing for Monday afternoon to discuss such issues as whether the case will be televised

Poll: Frisky folks choose snuggling over Snuggies - AP

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For some, the love life picks up when it’s cold outside

Police: 1 dead, 11 shot at Ohio fraternity house - AP

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A shooting that took place at a Youngstown State University fraternity house party left one student dead and 11 people wounded

Anti-Mubarak activists bruised, tired, hungry - AP

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How long they can hold out has become a crucial question in the crisis gripping Egypt

Amanda Knox lawyers seek to stop Lifetime film - AP

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Lawyers of accused killer Amanda Knox demanded Lifetime to cancel the film adaptation of Knox’s case, ‘Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy,’ which is set to air Feb. 21

Snow snarls flights to Super Bowl - AP

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Winter weather cause hundreds of inbound flights to be canceled at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Day of departure? Egypt protesters fill square - AP

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Protesters seeking Mubarak’s ouster appear undaunted and determined after their camp withstood two days of street battles

Italy's parliament backs Berlusconi in sex scandal - AP

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Italian parliament has rejected prosecutors’ request to search some of the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s properties

European leaders weigh in: Egypt transition must start now - AP

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A joint statement from five European leaders said they are watching the unrest in Egypt with deep concern

Egypt army deploys to separate opposing protesters - AP

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Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq told state TV that the attack Wednesday on the anti-government protesters was a ‘blatant mistake’

LiLo investigated for jewelry theft - AP

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Did “Mean Girl” Lindsay Lohan steal a necklace?