Afternoon Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Why Is The NAACP Fighting To Give Tennessee Politicians More Power To Appoint Judges?

Opinion | George Scoville

If it’s a biased, corrupt system, democratic elections could lead to better outcomes for African-Americans.

If Tennessee's Supreme Court Selects Its AG, It Should Be Held Accountable For His Performance

Opinion | George Scoville
Tennessee flag [Wikimedia/Creative Commons]

Why did he refuse to challenge Obamacare, despite a Republican governor and statehouse?

Morning Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Propagandizing pervert's peer publications prohibited from PXes

Opinion | George Scoville

Protectionism against the pornographer’s oppugners?

Republican lawmakers stand athwart marriage equality at their peril

Opinion | George Scoville

With support for gay marriage on the rise, the GOP’s opposition to it is becoming a political liability.

Tennessee's 'guns in parking lots' bill a net drain on liberty

Opinion | George Scoville

The proposed bill would allow gun owners to keep firearms locked in their cars at their places of employment.

Puck Labor Day

Opinion | George Scoville

What hockey fans can do to help prevent an NHL lockout.

501(c) nonsense

Feature:Opinion | George Scoville

Campaign finance reformers don’t want money out of politics. They only want their opponents’ money out of politics.

First they came for the donor lists ...

Editorial | George Scoville

What’s the moral justification for campaign finance disclosure laws?