Study: Black Girls Seen As More Adult

US | Amber Randall
A girl holds a sign during a rally in Baltimore, Maryland May 2, 2015. Hundreds of people took to the streets of Baltimore on Saturday as anger over the death of a young black man turned to hopes for change following swift criminal charges against six police officers. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

‘There’s a couple of problems’

Restaurant Manager Responds To Angry Patron Who Left Fecal Mess During Happy Hour

US | Steve Birr
Happy hour drinks. (Arina P Habich/Shutterstock)

‘Never return to any of our establishments until you are potty trained’

50 Human Cadavers Lost By GW University

Education | Steve Birr
3D illustration of human male anatomy and skeleton. Standing pose. Torso with head Flikr/Creative Commons

‘I don’t even know what to say. I just couldn’t believe it. It’s horrible’

NO MEN ALLOWED: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wants All-Female Supreme Court

Politics | Heather Hunter

Justice: There will be enough women when there are nine

Historic Georgetown May Get A VEGAS-Style Facelift

US | Connor D. Wolf

The Capital’s oldest district is looking to modernize.

'Traumatized' Georgetown, Harvard Law Students Demand Postponed Finals

Education | Chuck Ross

‘Your silence is suffocating’

Is This Government Official The World's Worst Neighbor?

US | Justin Smith
Is This Government Official The World's Worst Neighbor?

One neighbor complains about the security officers ‘doughnut bellies’

Duke, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Bucknell highlight 'Tuition Madness'

Sports | Stuart Dezenhall

‘Ray Bucknell! Ray for the Orange and the Blue!

The last class for the world's greatest Jesuit

Opinion | Mark Judge

Georgetown legend Fr. James V. Schall retires.

In Georgetown, Democratic turnout and passion well below 2008 levels

Opinion | Charles Curran

There are far fewer people in line to vote in my neighborhood today than there were four years ago.

Georgetown-China basketball game ends in brawl - WaPo

Sports | InternAdmin

Georgetown coach pulled his players out of the game with 9 minutes 32 seconds left in the game

Bipartisan team defeats Hoya hoopsters - TheDC

Sports | Alex Brown

Congressmen, government officials win charity game 61-49

Politics, prison and pasta: the Buddy Cianci book tour - TheDC

Politics | Alexis Levinson

From cleaning up Providence to spending five years in jail to selling his own marinara sauce, former mayor Cianci tells the story of his life in his new memoir

Kevin Zegers of 'Gossip Girl' joins 'Georgetown' - TheDC

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

‘Gossip Girl’ stars Kevin Zegers and Katie Cassidy have landed roles in the upcoming drama ‘Georgetown’

'Georgetown' to be filmed in New York - TheDC

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Upcoming ABC series ‘Georgetown’ will be filmed mainly in New York rather than Washington

Richard Holbrooke and Afghanistan

Opinion | John Guardiano

Holbrooke was a patriot and public servant, but he was also a Democrat and human.

Temple upsets Georgetown, 68-65 - Philadelphia Inquirer

Sports | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Add this to Fran Dunphy’s seemingly endless list of accomplishments: 400 career victories

The great Washington novel: The Exorcist

Opinion | Mark Judge

Why “The Exorcist” still looms large in our collective consciousness almost 40 years after its publication.

Return of the estate tax worries family-owned businesses [VIDEO] - TheDC

Business | Daily Caller Productions

Owners of family businesses worry about the estate tax returning if the Bush-era tax cuts are not extended before next year

Police find possible drug lab at Georgetown dorm - CNN

US | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Authorities have arrested two Georgetown University students and another person in connection to a suspected drug lab found inside a dormitory Saturday morning