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Gun club awarded liquor license - TheDC

Georgia shooting range will offer cocktails

ACLU to represent KKK in quest to 'adopt' a highway in Georgia - AJC

Ku Klux Klan

Civil liberties group: ‘Yes, we are representing them, but we are still working on the strategy’

Cancer-detecting breathalyzer developed by scientists at Georgia Tech - Daily Mail


Patient’s breath is captured in a specialized storage container and then sent to a lab to look for signs of cancer

Georgia denies KKK's request to 'Adopt-A-Highway' - WSB

KKK-Highway Litter.JPEG

Legal fight likely to ensue

The KKK wants to adopt a highway in Georgia - TheDC

‘What’s next, are we going to let Neo-Nazis or the Taliban or Al-Qaeda adopt highways?’

The nanny state infects the Peach State

Nanny-state laws are popping up even in traditionally conservative areas of the country.

Candidate endorsed by FreedomWorks gave money to, voted for Democrats - TheDC

Wright McLeod FreedomWorks

Georgia congressional candidate backed Bill Richardson in 2008 over Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Police handcuff Ga. kindergartner for tantrum - AP

Temper Tantrum

Girl, 6, charged with assault and handcuffed by police

Gingrich wins Georgia - AP

Gingrich 2012.JPEG

Romney, GOP rivals vie in 10 Super Tuesday states

Super Tuesday preview: 419 delegates up for grabs - TheDC


Busiest day yet of 2012 GOP primary may help seal fate of the anti-Romney

TheDC's Jamie Weinstein: The best and worst case scenarios on Super Tuesday

Republican Debate

What Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul can expect

Gingrich pins campaign on a cluster of contests - AP

Gingrich 2012.JPEG

‘He’s methodical, he’s patient and he’s also adaptable tactically and strategically’

Komen VP resigns following Planned Parenthood reversal - TheDC

Karen Handel

Karen Handel was targeted by activists for pro-life views expressed during 2010 race for Georgia governorship

Football player finds home at UCF, after immigration status prevents joining UGA - TheDC

Chester Brown

Samoan-born Chester Brown unable to prove citizenship

Rand Paul prevents war with Russia

Marco Rubio’s attempt to sneak Georgia into NATO thwarted, for now.

12 charged with voter fraud in Georgia election - TheDC

Voter Fraud --- WALB

Charge: Democratic-aligned suspects filed absentee ballots to sway school board election

Feds arrest 4 in alleged Ga. ricin attack plot - AP


One suspect discussed ways of dispersing ricin from an airplane in the sky over Washington

Former Rep. Bob Barr considering another run for Congress - TheDC

Bob Barr

2008 Libertarian presidential candidate may challenge freshman Republican in primary

Georgia county hopes to save money by staffing fire stations with prisoners - AP


‘These inmates are very enthusiastic,’ says fire commissioner of program that would be open to convicts with charges ranging from drug use to theft

'Voice of the people' censored Rep. John Lewis at 'Occupy Atlanta,' says spox - TheDC

John Lewis Occupy Atlanta

Congressman still supports ‘Occupy Wall Street’ despite being snubbed by local protest