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British Leader On Obama: Spends More Time Golfing Instead Of Being President

Nigel Farage: An Emerging Leader Unafraid To Take His Country Back

Authors: Obama And Holder Put Nixon To Shame

Authors: Obama’s DOJ Puts Nixon To Shame

Passionate Family Farmer Takes On Her Government Harassers

James Murphy, an inmate at the State of New York Wallkill Correctional Facility, drives a tractor on a prison farm in Wallkill, New York

Passionate Family Farmer Takes On Her Government Harassers

Benghazi Lawyer: Obama's Bergdahl Trade Has Made Every American A Target For Terrorists

DiGenova - Grae Stafford-Daily Caller

Benghazi Lawyer: Obama’s Desire To Close Gitmo Has Made Every American Around The World A Target

Allen West On Obama's Leadership: 'We Don't Even Have A Beta Dog -- We Have A Delta Dog'

Allen West On Obama’s Leadership: ‘We Don’t Even Have A Beta Dog — We Have A Delta Dog’

House Oversight Chairman Demands Heads For IRS Abuse

House Oversight Chairman Demands Heads For IRS Abuse

Gang of 8 spells doom for GOP, says front-line film maker

Marco Rubio

Lynch: ‘If this immigration bill passes, the GOP will never win another election. … The GOP will be done’

Author Diana West on Benghazi: ' Its what happens when you switch sides openly'

Mideast Libya.JPEG

‘[Benghazi] threatens the whole strategic premise of supporting al Qaeda in Libya’

What caused the Bowdoin College diversity dustup

Bad golf shot, insulted financier and defensive president create years-long fight over small Maine school

Larson: 'The left has despised Reagan, it has despised Thatcher for a long long time'

‘The last thing that he was going to do is go to the funeral of a former Prime Minister of a colonial power’

Larson: 'When Michael Moore gets sick, Michael Moore should go get his treatment in Cuba' [VIDEO]

‘Michael Morre thinks that Cuba is great’

Lars Larson: 'Pelosi Rule' at work in 1000 page immigration bill

‘…pass it and then over the years we’ll find out all the crazy stuff that’s in it’

Limbaugh 'parody czar' Paul Shanklin explains why George Bush's paintings are so good [VIDEO]

France Italian Impressionism.JPEG

‘Come on, just spit it out. It’s what I always did’

Limbaugh 'Parody Czar' rips Obama over guns

Obama Gun Control.JPEG

Obama ‘I’ve sold more firearms in the last six months than Samuel Colt’

How Limbaugh's 'Parody Czar' went from a 'Do your moo' contest to the ears of millions

Ross Perot and Bill Clinton played their parts, so to speak

The Leaders series: Blooper reel [VIDEO]

Paul Shanklin

‘Move this interview forward’

Estrada: 'We do not need to surrender our sovereignty to the United Nations'

UN flag

‘Our country is a world leader in rights’

More Core: homeschool advocate sharply criticizes 'Common Core'

Will Estrada

‘Even well intentioned attempts to increase the federal role [in] education, do not work’

Liberals and sharia: 'Who let Jaws into the swimming pool?' [VIDEO]


It has been unchanged for at least eleven hundred years….we know what sort of animal we are facing

Brandon Darby: Total media control by the left has not crushed the right [VIDEO]

Brandon Darby

‘These people on the left have had complete control of all of our media’