Under fire, GM may put customers under water - TheDC

Business | Ryan Lovelace
Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot

At the same time Obama denounced the subprime lending fiasco as immoral and reckless, government-backed GM ramped up its subprime lending practices

Foreclosures complicated by mortgage rodeo - USA Today

Business | interns

Homeowners are fighting foreclosure by challenging the legal powers of MERS, a company set up by the mortgage industry that is behind scores of foreclosures

A.I.G. and government agree on exit plan - NYT

Business | Chad Brady (admin)

A.I.G. owes the Fed about $46 billion and has agreed to repay that amount by the end of March 2011

Debate heats up over merits of GM bailout as IPO nears - TheDC

| Jon Ward

Critics maintain General Motors bailout sent wrong signal to big business as IPO nears

GM's move away from 'government motors'

Feature:Opinion | Ken Blackwell

To be sure, there is an argument to be made for conservatives to actually root for GM continued failure. Presumably, this would lessen the odds that the government would attempt such a heavy-handed maneuver in the future

D.C. drivers are the worst (really) - Washington Business Journal

US | Jeff Winkler (admin)

The nation’s capital is home to the least knowledgeable drivers, according to a study by GMAC

Puts and Calls: Chrysler and Germany’s case on Greece - The Daily Caller

Business | Tom Karol

Tom Karol examines the financial news at the start of the week

Puts and Calls: The banking business post-bailout - The Daily Caller

Business | Tom Karol

It’s Thursday, and Tom Karol’s here to offer insight into the Politics of Business

The GM/TARP shell game

Opinion | Sarah Lee

People have been suspicious of government since governments began. But the interesting and unique aspect to this equation is the medium in which the government is promoting its agenda, namely, hiding behind a “private” company using traditional advertising

Ally (GMAC) Bank’s bailout deceptions

Opinion | John Berlau

So why the lack of outrage and attention to GMAC? Perhaps because the firm cleverly but deceptively changed its name for a large part of its operations. Much of GMAC is now Ally Bank

Wed.'s Puts and Calls: The government's post-bailout fiduciary duty - The Daily Caller

Business | Tom Karol

Fiduciary duty, possible new limits on corporate donations and financial and health reform

GM’s tricky payback

Opinion | Hans Bader

Questioning the legality of General Motors’ ‘refund’

Treasury 'never' suggested GM paid loads; its own press release begs to differ - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jonathan Strong

Treasury includes self-incriminating document in response to Issa attacks

Sen. Republicans likely to offer their own financial regulatory reform bill - The Daily Caller

Business | Jon Ward

The news indicates that Republicans and Democrats are much farther away from reaching a bipartisan agreement than has been indicated by lawmakers from both sides

Opinion: Puts and Calls: The Bailout

| Tom Karol

The Congressional Oversight Panel’s March 2010 oversight report stated that despite a $17.2 billion TARP investment, there is still no clear business plan for GMAC

Taxing banks, no thanks

Feature:Opinion | Douglas Holtz-Eakin

Financial regulation reform is one of the most important initiatives the country faces. A bank tax isn’t going to help us now

Hit 'em while they're down - AP

Business | interns

Feinberg limits compensation for top executives at GMAC while the company continues to lose money

'Straight-Up Money Laundering'

Business | Jon Ward

Obama proposes moving $30 billion out of TARP and loan it to community banks to spur lending to small businesses

Checking in on your bailout investment account

Opinion | Tom Karol

President Obama is now saying that “we’ve recovered most of your money already, but we want all our money back.” Does anyone really know how much money is out and how much is back? Is there money left on the table?