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Russian Hacker Posts Passwords Of Almost Five Million Gmail And Other Email Accounts

Claims 60 percent of exposed passwords valid

'Is This How The Benghazi Talking Points Were Developed?' Govt Watchdogs Blast State Dept Official

‘The worst possible practice in trying to maintain transparency and accounting ability’

Google DOES monitor ALL of your emails -- and worse

A Google logo is seen at the entrance to the company's offices in Toronto

‘It is the amount of information they hold on individuals that should be concerning us’

Google is putting ads directly in the new Gmail inbox

Europe Google Antitrust.JPEG

Inbox ads aim to be ‘less intrusive’

Feds compelled Google to provide access to James Rosen's emails

Google CEO Throat Ailment

How secure is your Gmail?

Microsoft launches a lame attempt to destroy Gmail

This time it’s going to try to assault the way Google scans Gmail for keywords

Google to allow Gmail users to see their emails in search results - Fox News


Google has been trying to adapt by building more personal services and plugging them into its search engine.

Google: Some Gmail users may be targets of state-sponsored cyber-attacks - TheDC

Google Hacking Attack

‘Our detailed analysis — as well as victim reports — strongly suggest the involvement of states or groups that are state-sponsored’

LAPD won't be using Gmail - LA Times

LAPD Riot Police

City officials said that Google’s system “does not have the technical ability to comply with the city’s security requirements”

Hack may have hit Google users in Iran - AP

APTOPIX Mideast Iran Israel Palestinians

Experts say the Iranian government may have been behind a hacking attack, allowing it to read Google email from dissidents who thought they were using secure connections

China suspected in cyber attack on emails of top U.S. government, military officials - TheDC

Google Hacking Attack

Google says hundreds of its email accounts, including those of U.S. and South Korean officials, were victims of hacking, which was possibly orchestrated by the Chinese

Google adds phone calls to Gmail - Lifehacker

Is there anything Google can’t do?

Google agonizes on privacy as advertising world vaults ahead - WSJ

A confidential document shows the information-age giant questioning how far it should go in profiting from data it possesses about people’s activities

EXCLUSIVE: Ethics rules byte White House - The Daily Caller

Top officials violate e-mail rules, one may have sought special deals based on high-ranking position

Men break firewall for glimpse of porn star's twitter - AOL News

Thousands of men are bypassing China’s ‘great firewall’ to access the Twitter profile of Japanese adult film star Aoi Sola

World to Google: Revamp privacy protections - AP

Officials from Germany, Canada, France and seven other countries are raising privacy concerns to Google over the online search leader’s fumbled foray into social networking along with other matters

Google Buzz-killed by lukewarm reactions - TheDC

Millions of Gmail users opened their inboxes today to find a new — and mysterious — feature waiting for them (aside from the Daily Caller Daily Email Report, which is just freaky): Google Buzz

Google's Buzz to challenge Facebook, Twitter

Google plunged into the world of social networking on Tuesday, melding pieces of Facebook and Twitter into a new feature, Google Buzz. Buzz, which will work through the popular Gmail service, will allow users to post status updates, photos and links to members of their network — as well as pull in their activity on other sites like Twitter, Flickr and Picasa

Google continues quest for world domination

‘Google Buzz’ is a tool that tightly integrates the best features of the popular services into the company’s e-mail, maps and mobile products

Google: gmail can be social too

Google this week is upgrading its gmail program to add social media tools similar to those found on Facebook