Dan Bongino Blasts Democrats For Hating On 'In God We Trust'

Politics | Nick Givas

‘They have to detach you from God at every opportunity’

Waffle House Hero Turns To God After Deadly Shooting

US | Nick Givas

‘It just felt good to be around a lot of love’

Religion Prof Thinks Believing In God Is Illogical And Immoral

Education | Rob Shimshock
Jesus crucifix sculpture behind the basilica at the village of Sint Odilienberg, Limburg, The Netherlands. (Shutterstock/Roger Dupuits)

‘One of the most immoral things you can do’

We Need Religion Like We Need AIR

op-ed | Barak Lurie
religion Shutterstock/Renata Sedmakova

Only God can truly give us a sense of justice, wisdom, purpose and even our notion of freedom

'Queering The Bible' And 'Queering God' Courses Coming To Swarthmore College

Education | Rob Shimshock
A confused woman ponders postmodernist nonsense. (Credit: sheff/Shutterstock)

‘…does that mean that God is feminine, or female?’

FAITH FILE: 'MOM' And Cap'n Crunch Can Prove God Exists

Opinion | Mark Tapscott

If you find “MOM” spelled out on your kitchen table using Cap’n Crunch, it didn’t happen by accident.

Trudeau Doesn’t Thank God In Thanksgiving Day Message

World | David Krayden
Justin Trudeau

‘People across Canada contribute … to make our communities stronger and more open.’

FAITH FILE: Does God Allow Evil?

Opinion | Mark Tapscott

If God does not exist, then we are locked without hope in a world filled with suffering

FAITH FILE: This Agnostic Proved The Impossible. Or Did He?

| Mark Tapscott

“What causes the universe to pop out of nothing? No cause is needed …”

Obama Cites God To Make The Case For Immigration

US | Henry Rodgers
CHICAGO, IL - MAY 03: Former President Barack Obama moderates a roundtable discussion at the South Shore Cultural Center about the Obama Presidential Center, which is scheduled to be built in nearby Jackson Park, on May 3, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. The Presidential Center design envisions three buildings, a museum, library and forum. Obama was accompanied at the event with his wife Michelle who was making her first trip back to Chicago since leaving the White House in January. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

‘In the eyes of God’

Fancypants $63,550-Per-Year College Offers Course Called 'Is God A WHITE SUPREMACIST?'

Education | Eric Owens

Does coursework involve the Nation of Islam? You betcha!

God Supposedly Told Duterte To Stop Swearing Or Die In A Fiery Plane Crash

World | Ryan Pickrell
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gestures while answering questions during a news conference upon his arrival from a state visit in Japan at the Davao International Airport in Davao city, Philippines October 27, 2016. REUTERS/Lean Daval Jr

But it’s probably still OK to curse the US

On God's Creation And The Tautology Of Being

Opinion | Alan Keyes
A cross on an underground Catholic church is silhouetted in Tianjin November 10, 2013. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

No matter what they do, none of the philosophers who pretend to give an exposition of human understanding have ever found a starting place for thought that escapes the primacy of being itself.

Lonely, 'Invisible' Atheists Lament Lack Of Political Power As They Stare Into Cosmic Abyss

Politics | Eric Owens
black hole space cosmic nothingess (Shutterstock/muratart)

‘We can be insulted and we can be ignored’

Can Americans Return To The Politics Of God-Endowed Right?

Opinion | Alan Keyes
The Bible, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence all perpetuate sexism, the Defense Department alleges. (Creative commons photos)

The Constitution they devised was predicated on the understanding that God’s justice

Council On American-Islamic Relations: Relax, Christians, You Worship Allah

US | Eric Owens
God creating the sun in Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo Getty Images/Peter Barritt

Also, ISIS, Ben Carson and Donald Trump exhibit similar ‘forms of religious and political extremism’

Adorable Atheists Can't Help But Mention God In Their Own Version Of Ten Commandments

US | Eric Owens

Is this new Decalogue coherent? Heavens, no!

Salon: Rape Is 'Intrinsic To Religion' And God Raped Mary

Politics | Alex Griswold

Merry Christmas! Here’s a left-wing crank!