Trump Talks About Cheating At Golf

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘Golf is like bicycle shorts: It can reveal a lot about a guy.’

Brawl: Trump And Rand Spend Day Sniping At Each Other

Elections | Derek Hunter

Swipes ranged from political to golf skills

In Case You Were Wondering, The World's Hottest Golfer Is Still A Total Knockout

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

… and here’s the video to prove it

No Tears For Tiger

Opinion | John Steigerwald
Tiger Woods of the U.S. looks out at the golf course as he prepares to play his practice round ahead of the 2015 Masters at the Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta

Woods’ decline couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy

College Golfer Is Hotter Than Chris Christie Running Through The Desert In July

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

Paige Spiranac has legs ‘fore’ days

WATCH NBA Legend Shaq Take Three Of The Worst Swings In Golf History

Sports | Christian Datoc

Even worse than his free throws

Tiger Woods Has Worst Round Ever In A Major

Sports | James Longley
Tiger Woods

Woods Carded A 10 Over 80 In The First Round of The U.S. Open

College Bro Creates Ultimate, One-Handed Trick-Putt Video ...

Sports | Christian Datoc

… and I swear it’s way more impressive than it sounds.

BREAKING: Justin Bieber's Golf Game, Even Worse Than His Arm Tats

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

F*****g terrible, Biebs

Giant Alligator Invades Florida Golf Course

Sports | Evan Wilt
Myakka Pines Golf Club Alligator

Later, gator

SAFE BET: Nats' Slugger Bryce Harper Can Hit A Golf Ball Farther Than You Can...

Sports | Christian Datoc

…unless you average 340 yards per drive, in which case… touche

World's No.1 Ranked Golfer Sinks 1st Career Hole-In-1

Sports | Christian Datoc

First time for everything