BREAKING: Justin Bieber's Golf Game, Even Worse Than His Arm Tats

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

F*****g terrible, Biebs

Giant Alligator Invades Florida Golf Course

Sports | Evan Wilt
Myakka Pines Golf Club Alligator

Later, gator

SAFE BET: Nats' Slugger Bryce Harper Can Hit A Golf Ball Farther Than You Can...

Sports | Christian Datoc

…unless you average 340 yards per drive, in which case… touche

World's No.1 Ranked Golfer Sinks 1st Career Hole-In-1

Sports | Christian Datoc

First time for everything

This Is The Sorriest Attempt At Hitting A Golf Ball In Recorded History

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Fore!’ Pete’s sake!

Tiger Woods Spent A Heartwarming Day With A Special Little Golfer

Sports | Christian Datoc

Golf is hard enough to play with two hands, but this little guy manages to hit it straighter than I do

'The Most Amazing Tee Shot You'll Ever See'

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Golf + baseball bats + Australians = gold

Obama Has Spent More Time Playing Golf Than In Intel Briefings

Politics | Neil Munro

Nearly 800 HOURS golfing!!!

Rory McIlroy: I'd Be A Virgin If It Weren't For Golf

Sports | Seth Richardson
Thank God for the links.

Trump To Obama: Resign And I'll Give You Free Golf For The Rest Of Your Life

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter

It’s a sweetheart deal for all involved, really

Obama: 'I Should've Anticipated The Optics' Of Golfing After Foley Beheading

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘Part of this job is the theater of it’

What Is Obama Doing As The Bombs Fall On Iraq?

Politics | Grae Stafford

Can you guess?

How Tiger Woods Responded To His Back Surgery

Sports | Reuters
Tiger Woods of the U.S. listens to questions during a news conference ahead of the British Open Championship at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake

The 14-time major champion speaks his mind about his recent surgery